Coffee Shop Season

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez

Fall season is coming up you know what that means? Coffee shop season, so hit up your nearest Lady Wolverine and go get some warm beverages.

Pumpkin Spice up your life with the sweet Fall drinks available in the entrance to the library to an immediate right. Now even though its fall not everybody has a craving for hot drinks and the coffee shop does also appeal to the people with a more basic palette by selling Menchies cups.

I have no clue why anybody would eat ice cream in what is like borderline Winter but it happens. After acquiring a refreshment of your choice there is a place for you to sit down and enjoy it directly to the left of the Coffee Shop’s room. It is recommended that you enjoy quietly or you’ll be nicely asked to leave the library, never happened to me so I can’t relate. Just behave and enjoy responsibly.

“I think the coffee shop here is wonderful. Students can  get coffee and that’s wonderful,” marvelously said by Woodstock freshman Shane Zachos.


No matter the weather these still taste great.



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