Perfect Condition for a Title

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez

With the wrestling season right around the corner we take a look at a lesser known Wolverine.

Scott Thompson is much more than meets the eye although he is of light weight his years of experience manage to allow him to keep up with people several weight classes above him.

The aforementioned years of experience don’t come without any merit, Scott is a State Champion for all 3 most common disciplines of wrestling: folkstyle, Greco-Roman, and freestyle.

“Ok. So I would train almost every single day. I would go to regular practice and always wrestle heavier guys. I would also get extra practice twice a week. I had a super strict diet. I could only eat trail mix bars for breakfast or oatmeal. Lunch, I had a half can of tuna, and dinner was usually an attempt to be healthy and light, but it was always cheap. In retrospect, my diet was aimed at losing weight not staying healthy at the same time though. I would do have to do a ‘baby workout’ every single day. This consisted of 100 pushups, 100 situps, curls, shrugs, flys, wall squats, and tricep extensions.  Then on top of that I would do a serious workout with the pulley systems and squat rack and bench press etc. This regiment was dominated by the CLABS routines. Chest day, then leg day, then arm day, then back day, then shoulder day. Then start over. Core was intertwined in there.”


The camp at which Scott sustained a season ending injury.

These grueling experiences lead to even harder training for when State Qualifiers were coming up.

“I would have to start really cutting weight. Like 6 pounds a week… wearing plastic bags under my clothes at practice and on the treadmill…”

All of this intense training paid off and its what makes Scott one of Woodstock Wrestling’s “studs.”


Scott Thompson pictured in stripes.

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