Winter may be cold, but these fashion trends are hot!

Editor: Ashlyn Richardson

With the coming of winter comes new fashion trends. Women and men alike begin to transition out of flannels and light jackets to styles only winter can claim as its own. This year, velvet and suede, bomber jackets, and ponchos are what one can expect to see.

Like many girls, Samantha Hill of Woodstock High School has been begging for a pair of suede boots to accompany oversized sweaters and t-shirt dresses this season. These boots became very popular in the late fall of 2016 as celebrities like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian started sporting the over-the-knee boots.


Suede over the knee boots, courtesy of

Much like suede, velvet has become very popular for winter fashions. From formal dresses to blouses, suede is in! The versatile look usually retires after the month of November, but fashion forward companies such as H&M and ASOS are making sure it is here to stay.


Suede skirt, courtesy of


Suede dress, courtesy of

Another trend brought about by celebrities is the bomber jacket. Being unisex, this fashion trend seems to be everywhere. The jackets are cool, stylish, and keep you warm without looking like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 5.37.48 PM.png

Bomber jacket, courtesy of

Additionally, the early 2000’s obsession, the poncho, has sparked a second revival. Local boutique stores, such as Brooklyn’s and Dress Up, have embraced the knitwear and turned into something fashionable and comfy. Makayla Powell, grill owner, poncho enthusiast and student at Woodstock High School, said “Honestly, I love ponchos. I can’t wear them while I’m grilling though because it may catch on fire which would totally take away from the whole grilling experience.” Although odd, Powell’s love for ponchos is quickly becoming a trend among teens.


Poncho vest, courtesy of

So, this winter, don’t be surprised when these fashion trends take over. Celebrity inspiration and boutique fashion is big this season, making their mark in school hallways and runways. Don’t miss out on any of the trends for this upcoming winter and take on this chilly season with style!  

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