Fantasy Must-Drafts

Staff Writer Shane Zachos


5.) Drew Brees- Brees has always been a great quarterback to have in fantasy. With Sean Peyton as the offensive coordinator, the Saints threw the ball more than ever this year. The running game for the Saints is at a low and the only true way they can move the ball is through the air. I asked fellow WHS sophomore and Saints fan Corey Darko where he ranked Brees, and he said “Number one easily. He lights up every opposing defense and is an MVP candidate hands-down.” With the running game in a slump, Drew still can torch a defense until the game is finished. Also, if you were able to pick up Brandin Cooks as a WR and Brees as your quarterback you can find yourself getting many double points.


Drew Brees. Photo courtesy: Brooke Schoonmaker

4.) Tom Brady: You may be wondering why I put Brady as low as number 4 for the QB’s list but it is mostly of the fact that comparing to his numbers last year, he has not grown more than people may have thought the 4 time super bowl champ would put up. Also, with having that 4 game suspension, he cant be compared to the other quarterback’s numbers. If you honestly think Brady has the slightest chance of winning MVP this year you are out of your mind. Brady still could be considered the best QB in the league at the moment, but his fantasy numbers have taken a fall and that is the reason he is at my number 4 spot. However, Tom still puts up enough each week to make you happy with his performance. For a guy who throws the ball 40-50 times a game on a good day, he doesn’t turn the ball over as much as you would think. He also has a great QBR of 83.

3.) Matt Ryan- Being a Falcons fan I have to say I did not see this one coming but Matt Ryan came into the season firing. The Falcons have the best offense in league with so many weapons in the passing game… just making easier for Ryan in the pocket. Matt had to be one of the best steals of this year, he is very consistent and can throw for 275 and 2 touchdowns on a decent day. With having 30 total touchdowns and over 4,000 yards passing through the 14th week, I believe Mr. Ryan could have himself an MVP trophy pretty soon. The thing I see with Ryan’s game is how the stats have gone down since he first started. In the first 4 weeks through the NFL I think it was pretty easy to see that he was the best QB in football but he has slowly downgraded with throwing for less yards and more INT’s.

2.) Derek Carr- This guy has been an absolute beast when it comes in the clutch. I have Derek and the number 1 QB on my list for my fantasy team and that is probably one of the reasons I’m number 1 in my league. Anyways, Carr was the best steal of the year by far, and this young stud has shown he could be in talk for MVP as well. He doesn’t turn the ball over a lot with only 5 INTS and has 24 touchdowns but, he has put up great numbers for fantasy, almost 20 per week. He has so much to grow on with his team and if I were you next year I would definitely pick him up in the 2nd or 3rd round.


Derek Carr- Photo courtesy Brooke Schoonmaker 

1.) Aaron Rodgers- This man just can not be stopped. Rodgers has to put number one on this list simply because he gets it done, with 32 touchdowns and 65% pass completion he destroys defenses whether that be on the road or at Lambeau field. I asked WHS junior Amari McCain who he thought was the number one quarterback, and he said, “Probably Aaron Rodgers. He is consistent and even when he has a bad game it’s a pretty good game.” Aaron might be the most consist Quarterback in the Fantasy Football world. I knew I had to put him as #1 when I saw him torch the eagles at home in Philly, when I thought the eagles had the best defense in the league at home. Also, the packers defense is terrible so that just lets Rodgers get to work with the ball more, since they let up touchdowns so quick.


Just for the record A.J. Green would be on here nut his injury has ruined that for him.

5.) Mike Evans- Evans is a beast, with Winston throwing him the ball 40% of the time he gets a lot of ball thrown to him and he does usually go up and snatch it out of no where. HE is the type of receiver that you throw a fade to and he just over powers corners or safety’s to get the ball. He has improved a lot this year and he may soon be the #1 receiver in the game.

4.) OBJ- Odell Beckham is still getting many catches when the giants can not move the ball in the rushing attack. The giants o-line is just not getting it done… that’s why OBJ is getting a lot of quick pattern routes like slants and hitches to get the ball moving. With these quick patterns he could make one guy miss then he is gone with that incredible speed. The only problem with Odell is that the touchdown numbers have gone way down but he still gets many receiving yards.

3.) T.Y. Hilton-  This one may surprise you but T.Y. actually is number 2 on the receiving yards list and he has done a lot to prove he is worth to trade for. Hilton is very fast and elusive making him so much harder to stop him. T.Y. has already put up two 20 point fantasy games and he may be on to his 3rd soon.

2.) Antonio Brown- This can’t be surprising considering the fact that he was projected #1 in fantasy points this year. However, Brown had a slow start but now has picked it up with over 1,100 yards receiving. That does not include how his punt returns put his team in great field range and his rushing stats out of the back field.

1.) Julio Jones- Jones is unstoppable, this is a known fact. Even with being out a whole game he still leads the league in receiving yards and yards per catch. This man had a 300 yard receiving game. Ill just leave it at that. With Matt Ryan throwing him the ball, it’s just over. However, he does have a lack in touchdowns this year but he still is just mind blowing.


5.) LeSean McCoy- I have LeSean for my team and he has had an incredible year so far. McCoy has been doing both a lot in the rushing game and in the passing game. He has definitely showed his dual threat ability. Not only has McCoy had over 900 rushing yards with 10 rushing touchdowns, he has also had over 300 receiving yards with 1 receiving touchdown. He was a big time sleeper this year.

4.) Le’Veon Bell- Bell was projected many points this year and came right out of the gates, after his 4 game suspension, showing people why. Bell’s 4 game suspension has hurt his team but not so much his fantasy numbers since he has been putting up magnificent stats the whole year and has not all but one game where he has not had over 13 points. Le’Veon is 4th in the league in rushing yards through week 14 with 1052. Also in week 14, Bell put up the most fantasy points ever by a non quarterback 47 fantasy points!

3.) David Johnson- Johnson is a beast. He could take 34 carries and 7 receptions and have over 20 fantasy points. He is, in my opinion, the best dual threat running back in the league. He is 1st in receiving yards over all running backs and has 1085 rushing yards. He is a very talentated and young back that will soon be at his peak.

2.) DeMarco Murray- DeMarco is another back I found in the 5th round and he was a big time sleeper. Murray has had a demanding year after last years awful outcome. You would think with a young quarterback in the backfield with Murray that the Titans offense would be slow but it is one of the most efficient in the league. Titans give Murray the ball a lot and he has answered when they feed him, he is 2nd in the league with rushing yards with 1,135.

1.) Ezekiel Elliot- Is this even a question? Honestly I was not with all the hype Elliot brought to the league behind that great o-line but boy was I wrong. Elliot not only has already turned into one of the best downhill runners but he has increased his speed and elusiveness. Behind the best o-line in the league you are going to be a great running back but Elliot has had himself a better than expected year with almost 1,400 yards. He might be a legitimate MVP candidate even as a rookie.

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