Hopes for The Holidays

Section Lead: Armando Alvarez

With Christmas right around the corner it’s good to remember what matters most during the holidays, the presents. I am personally asking for a pack of plain white tee shirts and that’s about it but other’s had much more lavish plans for themselves. A Woodstock High School Senior, James Medlar said he would like a “Season pass to New China Buffet.”


Mr. Medlars second home for the rest of the year.


Not a bad idea, that’s saving a lot of money which can be spent on other important expenses, such as Golden Corral I presume. A Wolverine from many Christmas’ past by the name of Amir Alvarez, asked Santa for over 20 pounds of supplements, stating, “Yeah these will last me a while.” A Wolverine who defected to Atlanta named, Cale Smith put a new car stereo on his wishlist ever since his last vehicle, a Ford Fiesta took a “…gnarr accident through the median.” All in all it looks like Santa has quiet the variety of gifts to gather this year and he better do so quick because Christmas is ever approaching.


A representation of Cale Smith’s late  Ford Fiesta, (Not the actual car for insurance reasons.)

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