How To Fix College Football

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo

Let’s face it. College football is broken. Sadly, the sport that has the most potential, is being ruined by having no commissioner, a regular season that makes no sense, and a committee that is ruining the glorified playoff. So I ask myself, how can college football be rejuvenated into being the greatest thing on American television?

If we were to explain college football to some foreigner they would be completely baffled at  how it works. Picture this, you take a European soccer fan that really has no idea how college football works. Doesn’t know the rules off the game doesn’t know the structure of anything. You tell him, “This is the pac-12, this is the big-12 with only 10 teams, this is the big-10 but 14 teams, this is the ACC, SEC and so on. This conference plays 8 conference games, this one plays 9, that conference plays 10. This conference has a championship game but this one doesn’t. But get this, they all go to the same 4 team playoff!” The European would say it makes no sense and would probably ask how they choose those 4 teams out of all the differences in conferences and schedules. “Well 12 people gather around in a room and give their opinion on who they think is better than the other.” He would stop you there and tell you that us Americans are insane! It makes no sense what so ever!

First off, lets identify the problem. The problem isn’t necessarily the committee or even the playoff. It’s the path in which teams take to make it there. The long road to crown champion is absolutely horrific. I agree that there’s thing at the end that are broken, but those are the symptoms of the root of the cause,  the problem that is affecting the viewer who isn’t being pleased in the decisions being taken. College football has the biggest inequality in schedule of any other major sport in the world!



The logo used to promote the College Football Playoff. Photo courtesy of Brooke Schoomaker.

When I came up with the idea of writing about this topic, I went around to others in my class, to see their point of view on college football.

Shane Zachos had this to say when asked if he thought CFB was corrupt. “I think college football is fine where it is, as long as the committee puts the four best teams in the final four. I don’t have a problem with it.”

As much as I would love to agree with him, I don’t think it would be possible to choose the best 4 teams with the way the regular season schedule is played out. I also asked Amari McCain on his thought about the regular season.

“I think there’s a problem with how the 4 teams are chosen at the end of the year. There has to be a better way of doing this and committee should do a better job.”

I think we can all agree with Amari here.



NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. All college sports are played under this association. Photo Courtesy of Brooke Schoomaker.

I then came to a conclusion on what I would do. To resolve this disaster, this sport needs a complete revamp of its entire structure. Every conference, especially the power 5 conferences should act as one. They need an organizing body to function perfectly. For example, look at the UFC who got a commissioner in Dana White, the sport is flourishing. Boxing doesn’t have one, and look where its going. Outside of Floyd Mayweather who is retired, no one watches the sport anymore because UFC has completely taken over the sport of fighting in a ring or octagon. The commissioner first job should be to change the root of the problem, and that would be the regular season. If every conference had the same number of teams, and divisions it would be simple. Everything would be equal. Every team should have 2 home games in non-conference against regional lower division teams. Then,  every team should play two non-conference games against other power 5 teams, but the relationship of those teams is going to be based off how you finished last year. First place against first place, last against last. Then you’re going to play 8 conference games in which 5 in your division. If this were to happen, no one would complain about unfairness, and the end result of the playoff would be much easier to determine. If you’re bad you play a last place schedule, and teams are going to have to prove themselves to reach better schedules to play better teams, in hopes to get into the playoff  and win the championship. Fans are going to get more parody, you’re going to get much better games, and lastly television companies are going to get more revenue! The product would be fixed and ratings would increase. Companies like FOX or ESPN are going to pay a lot more money to host Alabama against Stanford in the non-conference power 5 because they both run their divisions in their conference.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is how college football should be fixed. Not the playoff, but the sport as a whole. Every team is going to act a one, governed in the same manner. We have some conferences that abide by rules that others don’t, and that’s what would be fixed.

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