How to Plan Over Break

Section editor: Hannah Suh


Break is finally here, and everyone is making last minute plans. Secret santa parties, sleepovers, and even practicing for sports. Christmas break is probably the busiest of them all, but people still try to find a way to make it busier. Family plans overlap with plans with friends and in the end, family has to come first.


The school gives us two weeks to spend it however we want. Family from out of town come to see us, or we have to go out of town to see family. Either way, calendars become filled up. Although families plan ahead of time, friends tend to plan last minute. In order to not be stressed with these last minute plans, here are a few ways to prevent it.


Plan earlier. That’s the most obvious thing, and also the easiest. Everyone has plans with family, so trying to squeeze in days between those is almost impossible. By planning earlier, you could talk with your family about it and know which days you will be free and not.


Plan in a group chat. If everyone is individually texting everyone else, then words get mixed up in between texts. It would be better to plan in person, but this is the most common way. While you are on the group chat, have a calendar near by so that you can mark off days and narrow the options down.


Planning can be stressful, but in the end, it all comes together when you are there with your family or friends and having a great time. Two weeks might seem like a lot now, but they will go by super fast, so try to make the best out of it. Hope everyone has an amazing break!


Break Plans

Photography by: Maddie Killian

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