“Long” live a Woodstock legend…

Taylor Elliott and Lexi Solorzano

Kyle Long is one of our very own Woodstock Seniors, but he’s not just any ordinary senior. He works at a pharmacy, and is a certified pharmacy technician. He counts the pills in the prescription.


Lexi: How did you get into the pharmacy business?

Kyle: Well one of my mom’s good friends owns the pharmacy and needed some help, so me being the good samaritan that I am decided to go help out, and I actually ended up loving it.


L: Do you think you will stay in the pharmacy business?

K: It’s possible, but I would like to take it a step further, and expand my knowledge in the medicine industry. Maybe, get a degree and become an actual pharmacist, who knows.


He even loves the field of medical route so much that for his senior project he teamed up with red-cross and hosted his very own blood drive.


Taylor: How easy was it to set the whole blood drive up?

K: Well, actually it was pretty easy, I just called and scheduled a appointment with one of the head people there, and basically told them what I needed to do, and they took it from there.

T: Did you have a big success with the blood drive?

K: Yeah, it was actually a lot of fun, most of my friends came, and we had food and even karaoke. Definitely had more people show up than I was anticipating.


Kyle Long is also a star student, he has a 4.0 GPA, and hopefully plans on getting into the Univeristy of Georgia and further his academic career in Medicine. He has left a huge impact on the Woodstock community, and we will see him doing big things in the future. Look for Kyle at your local Canton pharmacies, and who knows maybe he’ll become the next big doctor.

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