Participants and Non-Participants of Tacky Sweater Day

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries

What is tacky sweater day to the students of Woodstock High? Some students may say it is a waste of money and time to dress up and look “holiday stupid.” Other students may say it is a moment to look stupid in the tacky Christmas sweaters with friends and teachers.

Do the students go all out for Tacky Sweater Day? Some.

Valerie Gonzalez went all out for the day, stating “I’m feeling so festive and I am so ready for Christmas. I literally am going to dress like Christmas every day of December, so yes I will go all out for any Tacky Sweater Day.”

Alyssa Ferguson says “I will dress for Tacky Day, but I will look cute while doing it.”

While walking around Woodstock during the five minutes of changing classes, I did not see a ton of people that went all out for Tacky Sweater Day.

I, myself, did not do anything for the day everyone wore tacky sweaters. The thought did not even cross my mind to go out, like Valerie Gonzalez, and buy a tacky Christmas sweater. I personally think any kind of “dress up” day at school is irrelevant and pointless.

If someone had to roughly guess the percentages of the students and what they think of the day, 10% would be the people who go all out, 65% would be the people that just wear a holiday tacky sweater, and the last 25% would be the people who just go on about their day and not care to participate in the Tacky Sweater Day.

Bottom of the line, not everyone thinks highly of the days used to dress up, but there is a good percentage that participate in the little activities.


Valerie Gonzalez and Alyssa Ferguson all dressed up for the holidays.

Photo Credits: Ashley Humphries


Jared Staples and his two friends dressed up for Tacky Christmas Sweater Day.

Photo Credits: Peyton Joiner

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