Russian Hacking: Possible Tension Escalation

Section Editor: Malcolm Green

One of the world’s most intense rivalries, the USA and Russia, has been heating up as of late due to the interference of the Russian hacking policies. They have expressed a continual desire to force the hand of American politics and put the entire democratic process under an extreme amount of duress.

The Russian government has even taken to incentivizing hackers to breach into foreign powers and steal information from top secret facilities. Some of their exploits have included the DNC, the GOP, and divulging information to the Trump campaign on Hillary. All of which have been supervised and directed by the Russian government.

There has been a surprising lack of concern from the United States government in response to these suspicions, and there has been little to no effort in dispatching these incursions. The United States is severely lacking in terms of counter hacking and prioritizing where we spend our cyber military funds.



Putin has demonstrated excessive discretion in hacking foreign powers. (Photo Courtesy of


While the NSA is being accused of spying on innocent French civilians, our adversaries abroad are capable of hacking into our most secure databases and stealing national secrets. The Pentagon’s spending budget for cyber attack operations, quite a small amount when the United States military is granted the benefit of the highest military discretionary budget in the world.

Why has the United States allowed such unrestricted access by Russian and Chinese forces? Perhaps it is because of their success in potentially rigging elections in the United States.

So why would Russia be undermining the authority of world leaders who have the capability to set forth sanctions on Russia and deny any previous benefits to Russian-based companies? Perhaps the answer could lay in our next president, President-elect Trump.

Trump has been cited as one of Putin’s most favorable president elects in history and for good reasons. Trump has stated that he will allow aggressions by separatists forces in Eastern Ukraine and believes Putin has strengthened Russia through reasonable means.

Putin has allowed hacking into the DNC and then forfeited the information over to top Trump advisors. This is quite possibly one of the top reasons why Trump could win such an unexpected election and overcome unprecedented odds.

When asked if she thought the hacking by Russia posed an imminent threat to the United States, Jessica Senquiz said, “It is a threat, it could put a foreign power in charge of the United Sates’ political process, it is just a bit scary to think that someone else would be making decisions for us.”


Trump’s personal relationship with Putin has presented some conflicts of interests for America (Photo Courtesy of


This sets a dangerous precedent for American politics and perhaps could even predict a future disbanding of American ties with NATO and might even lead to the reacceptance of Russia into the current Group of Seven.

So perhaps soon for the sake of the American people the government will take more heightened measures to prevent future incidents and finally demand restitutions for past obtrusions. This is one of the few reparations that can appease those who have been negatively affected by Russia’s bellicose actions over the past few years.



  1. Doris McBride says:

    Its horrifying what this nation has became since that vile snake reared its ugly, balding head. Good article.

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