The Modern effect of Communism

Section editor: Malcolm Green

The stigmatized idea of Communism is seen as a pillar of today’s modern society, but what truth is there behind these claims? Does anyone truly understand the classical version of Communism and how it has been represented throughout the past few centuries?

In reality, there has been no Communist government in human existence, as this would be a contradiction to the founding principles of a stateless world, one governed only by the locality and its resident. The notion of either a Communist state or Soviet Union is an oxymoron and a paradox in their own rights.

To understand the complicated Western depiction of Communism, we must understand the history of its beginnings and where the need of a Socialist government to present a transition to Communism was apparent.

In Germany during the industrial revolution, there was an excess of labor exploitation and political corruption. Their poorest farmers were robbed blind for the special interests groups of robber barons. They were the ones with control of the factories and were the only manufacturers of readily available armaments and heavy industrial equipment, all of which were becoming the basis of a functioning government in the face of foreign adversaries.

That is where we saw the rise of writers and philosophers such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. There the early years of their cooperation saw rise to the cross parentage of the Communist Manifesto. Widely regarded as one of the first widespread and commonly accepted as the “pure” ideal of Communism, this text was riddled was impracticalities and social imperfections.


Karl Marx, a flawed yet just man, is responsible for modern day Communism. (Photo Courtesy of Emily Boswell)


The work presented the notion of a societal perfection that was not allowed the luxury of pragmatic directives. However, it did divulge the dilemma of the modern worker under scrupulous conditions.

The book directed the frustrations towards the political and economic philosophers that prioritized self-fueling nationalism over the average worker. So this is where we can learn the readily forgotten ideal that is embodied in our present day society, that the need for a government is understood only as long as it is fair and governs fairly over all its constituents.

            Profiled as a radical is the modern operative fighter for equality, not in norms or cultural Marxism, but in every man and their inalienable rights. For there is no greater injustice than the one which burdens the just and with a despoliation of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

So we reach where modern society has been duly polarized from any true conception of Communism. When asked about any recognizable examples of any prevailing forms of Communism, I was presented with nothing but misconceptions.

“The USSR is the biggest example of Communism I can readily recognize, and that was just horrific. There were gulags and mass executions, so I guess that is why I can never consider Communism to be a reasonable solution to anything.” That was Derek Garcia, a Woodstock High student and he seems to be a model of what Communism is thought of today in society.


The USSR Flag, often seen as the modern symbol for authoritarian Communism. (Photo courtesy of Emily Boswell)


            What people like Derek seem to forget is that Communism is not a state-wide procedure, in fact, the Soviet Union could not be further from the true definition of Communism. Communism as state-less society, a community protected and family guarded institution, and that word is used loosely here because while Communism is a locality and provincial based organized system of production, it is not held together with any other intent than to present everyone with an equal opportunity of happiness.

However, do any of these righteous and socially just words of wisdom mean that Communism is a current solution to our disparaged class of proletarians? Well in America it is nearly impossible with the Communist party being a guise, a puppet of the CIA since the sixties and Socialist party being quite liberal in intent instead of socialist. I asked if anyone believed that Socialism or Communism was a common reality across the world, and my answers were as I expected.

“Well Communism has really been rid of, we wiped them out after the cold war through our military and political superiority.” That was Kage Bergeron, another Woodstock High student who has a distorted view of Communism. What he seems to forget is that despite his disagreement with Communism, it still has purpose and that purpose is not to install a doctoral rule in countries such as Russia.

There was a reason the Russian people fought for Lenin and demanded an overthrow of the Czar. He was tyrannical and his system of feudalism had left many dead from war and famine.

            So while Communism is quite a polarized subject, and rightfully so on many cases, it has been left with aura of uncertainty and when people are presented to the most accurate case and argument for a Socialist government or Communist plurality, they are resentful towards Communism and all its followers.


The sickle and hammer, a representation of the famer factory worker in unity against the bourgeoisie. (Photo Courtesy of Emily Boswell)


            That is no way to debate political systems of government, you cannot simply assert your dominance and expect to be left with the moral high ground. When I asked student John Smigelski if he would ever allow the topic of Communism to become a mainstream argument, I was bestowed insight into many people’s vitriol towards Communism.

            “Communism is a foolish idea and anyone who says otherwise would be supporting a dictator. They are childish and are not aware of the reality behind Communism, they probably don’t even know the history behind it!”

            This wasn’t an uncommon response, many had felt nothing but hatred towards the subjugating dominance of Communism, but of course that is an absurd myth.

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. The proletariats have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of the world unite!


  1. Doris McBride says:

    This has also caused people to irrationally turn to anger when presented with political ideas that have even a mere echo of communists roots, refusing to actually think about the subject at hand.

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