The Struggle of Finals and College

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton


As finals are coming up seniors are preparing for their grade to either go up or go way down. Arin Breibert said” I have to get at least an A on three of my finals to keep an A in those classes” Some seniors are just trying to get into college and keep their GPAs up and the finals are really scaring some students that have border line grades.

Some seniors have to understand though, by the time they get to college and have to take finals there, they are going to wish they could come back to high school and take those finals. Kyle long said” Half my grades are border line As and I have to get at least four As this year to get the Hope Scholarship.

On the bright side though lots of students are getting into the colleges they want. A few weeks ago the University of Georgia’s Acceptance letters came out and lots of students were accepted. Everyone is very excited to be moving onto college, but they still have to remember they have a whole semester left. Also, senioritis is hitting lots of students around Woodstock High School.

This is Sam Hills acceptance letter to UGA!

Also Ashlyn Richardson’s acceptance to Arizona State University!

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