The Woodstock Band

Section writer: Hannah Suh
On December 9th, the Woodstock High School band had an amazing concert. Four
different bands performed for the audience at Woodstock High School. The concert band,
symphonic band, flute choir, and wind symphony played that night. Many people who watched
all had nothing but great comments about the performance.
One of the members of the wind symphony stated that, “The wind symphony played Esprit de
Corps, Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral, and Rondo from Third Suite. Then the flute choir
played Carol of the Bells and Jingle Bell Samba. Then the wind symphony played a Christmas
Portrait, Greensleeves, and Sleigh Ride.” They also said that, “The wind symphony’s first three
songs were supposed to be for a concert earlier in the year, but it was canceled due to
alterations to the stage.”
Although it was upsetting that we could not watch their performance earlier, it was amazing
being able to listen to these beautiful pieces. Almost all of these pieces only took a little over a
month to prepare. Our school’s band is quite amazing! Imagine what they could do in a year.
One student, Itzel Franco, who was at the performance said “The performance was honestly
great. I did not know that our school’s band was this professional and talented. With each piece,
the whole performance just got better and better.” One student even told me that they were
devastated when they couldn’t go. Everyone wants to hear the amazing tunes of our school’s

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