Top 5 NBA Prospects and Their NBA Counterparts

Staff Writer Corey Darko

This year’s NBA class is arguably the deepest and most talented class. With talents like Jayson Tatum, Markelle Fultz, and Lonzo Ball, the freshman class looks loaded and full of promise. However, were going to take a look at the top 5 prospects and their NBA comparison in my eyes.

Markelle Fultz- Allen Iverson. Markelle’s Ability to score in bunches at such a young age reminds me of a young A.I. Despite not being as quick as Iverson was, he was much more athletic and has longer arms than Iverson does. Not to mention their ability to take over games is unbelievable. Even Fultz isn’t guaranteed to be a star in the NBA and even reach Iverson’s greatness, I can help but realize how well their games are similar. I asked my brother Casey who he thinks Fultz compares to and he stated ” I want to go with D-Wade but Fultz ability to shoot from long range is better than wade at a young age. The closet I can think for Fultz is a longer, athletic Iverson since he has the same take-over ability, finishing around the rim, and overall scoring abilities resembles A.I.Markelle-Fultz-mug.jpg


Lonzo Ball- Jason Kidd. ” Like Ball, Kidd gifted passing skills” From Fox sports. Ball’s phenomenal passing ability and court vision is similar to a young Jason Kidd. The scary thing about ball is he had a better jump shot than kidd sat the early part of his career. Not to mention he was even more athletic than Kidd, however the point is when it comes to his balance of play and being a traditional point guard, there arguably wasn’t anyone better than Kidd. However, Ball has shown flashes of not only becoming the next Jayson Kidd, but maybe even surpass him since he is a 6 foot 6 point guard with athleticism of rose and passing ability of Kidd. When I asked my friend Hunter he stated ” This man has the passing ability of Kidd mixed with the athleticism of a prime rose. It’s gonna  be scary when this guy is fully developed”



Josh Jackson- Andrew Wiggins. This comparison was the Easiest one. Mix with his unique Athleticism and defensive potential, Jackson is very similar to Wiggins back when he was in college. It also helps since there both athletic small forwards who went to Kansas. Jackson didn’t have quite the same points per game as Wiggins, however Jackson was a better passer and shot more efficiency than Wiggins did. Also, both these players struggled with their jump shots in college. Despite only being a couple games, Jackson has shown the athletic, defensive, and scoring potential Wiggins displayed when he was in college.



Dennis Smith- Derrick Rose. Despite struggling early in college, Dennis smith has shown flashes of potential in college while also displaying derrick rose explosiveness. Despite not dominating as much as rose did in college, both of these players aware both the most athletic point guards in their draft class and had suspect jump shots at best. Both of them are also 6 foot 3, and even though smith isn’t as long as rose, he still has the same explosiveness and athleticism rose displayed in college.



Jayson Tatum-Carmelo Anthony. Despite only playing a couple of games since returning from injury, Tatum has displayed Carmelo Anthony scoring ability. Despite not being as strong as Melo was in college, he has shown the same ability to score with his back to the basket and around the rim. Personally, I believe Tatum is a bit more athletic and slightly better passer than Melo. In conclusion, with his overall scoring ability and post game, Tatum resembles the game of Carmelo Anthony.



In conclusion, all these young guys are arguably the most talented prospects in the country and have bright futures, however making comparisons is always fun and with guys these talented, it’s really hard not compare these guys.


  1. The A.I. of the draft is by far De’Aaron Fox. Markelle doesn’t really have an accurate counterpart but if I had to pick one it would be James Harden.

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