What’s this? just a pit of toxic water.

staff writer:  Dakota Williams

The Berkeley pit, located in Butte, Montana, was originally a copper mine, that was shutdown back in 1982, along with the pumps to keep the water out. So why is this an issue? well, over time the Berkeley pit has filled up with rain water, which as gradually begun to fill the toxic pit. and then, say, 20 years later, your left with a massive body of water, that is toxic to all living things.  Not only this, but to add suspense to this, a town currently resides in close approximation to it. A resident said “It is kind of unnerving to live next to something so deadly.”dakota-3

(the berekly pit when the pumps were running.) (obtained from roadtrippers.com)

I know what you’re thinking, “it can’t be all that bad?” and, to an extent, its not. For example the Berkeley pit has become a tourist attraction for many visitors. Which, in turn, provides economic stability for the state.


(the Berkeley pit) (obtained from InspirationSeek.com)

So why is this relevant? Its relevant because quite soon, this pit is going to overflow with its deadly toxic water, and flood the town that surrounds it. Not only causing a massive death count for the people, but also for the plants and livestock that live there also. Then, to add to the mess, the metallic water will cause environmental problems for the places around it, by pouring into rivers, streams, and getting caught in runoff and being transported to other places.dakota-2

( the Berkeley pit) (obtained from http://www.atlasobscura.com/)

What can be done to prevent this? one major thing, for example, would be getting the pumps back online, and running. That way the water can be moved to prevent the overflow, and filtered elsewhere to be turned into clean water. An environmentalist said “Getting these pumps working again would be great.”

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