Rogue One Dislikes?

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries

Before any arguments are started; this is my opinion, I believed the movie was not all that interesting. I strongly feel the movie was two and half hours of my life that I will never get back.

The movie, for me, was confusing overall. I could not keep up with what was happening during the movie, neither could the person that went along with me. When I say “could not keep up with what was happening,” I mean I do not understand why some things happened. Also, the worlds in the movie, there are too many to keep up with.

I am not a Star Wars person, I have watched previous Star Wars movies and never really have been completely interested. The idea of the ships flying in space and shooting at each other, yes is interesting, but only to an extent.

I honestly don’t even know what the two forces in the movie were fighting over? There are some parts of the movie where I was interested, like the scene where the blind guy, Chirrut Imwe, that is really hardcore, kicked all the Storm Troopers’ butts. I absolutely hated how my favorite character, Chirrut Imwe, (SPOILER ALERT) died during the action scene at the end. If it was not for Chirrut, the message would have never been able to reach the Rebels.

Maybe, because I was never fully invested with the original Star Wars movies, I did not like this one?

I believe the only saying I actually like from the movie is “The Force is with me, and I am one with the Force.” -Chirrut Imwe

I pulled a group of friends that went to the movies together to the side and asked each of them a few questions. This is what I gathered:

What did you think about the movie?

Brandon Michaels: “The movie was just kind of boring to me, I don’t like how it’s just a story branch off of the original Star Wars.”

Did you enjoy the movie? And would you buy the movie when it comes out on DVD?

Mallory Cambral: “Yeah, it was good, I don’t think I would buy the movie though.”

If you had to rate the movie out of 10, what would you rate it?

Mallory: “Probably a 5.9” (Let’s just call that a 6.)

What part of the movie was your favorite?

Justin Hulls: “It’d probably just be the action part at the end, like every other typical movie with the action scene towards the end.”

Did you like the movie?

Justin: “Yeah, it was okay.”

Why the action scene towards the end?

Justin: “Because I like action.”

Did you find the movie entertaining?

Jessica Muller: “Yes, I loved it.”

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Jessica: “Yes.”

The two photos above are scenes from the movie.

Photo Credits: Creative Commons


Rogue One poster outside of the Cherokee 16 theaters.

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