New Year, New Me

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez

2017 is the year many of us have been looking for since we first earned the title “Class of 2017.” This year is the last chance many of you have to turn around and stick to some life changing resolutions for the coming year, for the sake of “Finishing Strong.”

Now, who will stick to their word by the end of the year or even the first week are yet to be revealed. Some have already broken off so, so much for that. You cannot really blame anyone for deciding to give up, it is a yearlong commitment and quitting is in a few cases easier for people. I decided to ask a few Wolverine’s around Woodstock what their New Year’s Resolutions were.

One of our biggest Wolverines, (in literal mass) senior James Castleberry, said that his New Year’s resolution is to, “Get in shape, eat healthier and stop procrastinating.” Truly an ambitious endeavor and a daunting task to undertake due to all those components being too much to handle on their own, let alone all at once. Props to Castleberry for his efforts. He’ll likely succeed if his work ethic on the field translates to his ethic at home.


James Castleberry, left along with myself, center and Brandon Ellis on right. It was a Big Boy’s Season.


It is important to note that Wolverines who have walked at graduation are now off in the real world and that environment is much more treacherous than just the halls of Woodstock. A Wolverine from the past, Alex Gomez, once a Woodstock wrestler says so eloquently that his resolution is simply to, “Get good.” Not entirely certain what that’s even supposed to mean, but it is a versatile resolution. Something so vague is definitely difficult to manage to break, simply existing day to day could be a case of “getting good”, but it’s safe to assume Alex was referring to his life off in college.


Alex Gomez atop my Nissan in Eastern Atlanta. (2016)


In our very own Journalism room, “where the magic happens” as I like to say, there was the boldest resolution I’ve yet to hear. Coach Wallace said, “New year, same me.” That should just go to show under what great leadership we are, he doesn’t need to change anything, just maintain.


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