The Titanic: New Theory Suggests Fire May Have Been the Ship’s Worst Enemy 

Staff Writer: Heather Abler

There are a great deal of conspiracy theories floating around the world today, one of the most popular ones being the Mandela Effect, and ones on the drastic side questioning if some celebrities have been cloned. When you think of the words “conspiracy theory”, the last thing that would travel to your brain would be the Titanic, a massive British passenger ship. It sank on April 15, 1912, from we thought all along in the past was because of an iceberg collision.


Photograph of the iceberg that collided with the Titanic – Photo Courtesy of: Emily Boswell

A new hour long documentary about the Titanic aired in Britain on New Year’s Day, sparking the internet uproar about the famous ship’s downfall. In the documentary, it is stated that fire, joined together with ice, caused the disaster, to be exact, a coal fire. The fire started in the ship’s hull and was surprisingly burning for three weeks before the ship took off to New York! The horribly damaged “unsinkable” hull already set in stone the fate of the Titanic: absolute catastrophe.

As if this isn’t bad enough, it was also announced that the fire was well known about by the ship’s owners, however, they let the voyage continue for financial gain. It is truly absurd to know that the lives of 1,503 innocent people were taken because of greedy owners. In an upcoming documentary, Senan Molony, an Irish journalist who has dedicated his life studying the Titanic, states, “It’s the perfect storm of extraordinary factors coming together: fire, ice, and criminal negligence.” This documentary will air in the United States January 21, on the Smithsonian Channel.


Picture of the Titanic before the horrific accident – Photo Courtesy of: Emily Boswell

People all around the world remember the Titanic in different ways: having it been one of the worst disasters in history, or simply they watched the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. No matter what the case, people simply cannot deny that they’re not intrigued by this mind blowing information. When you think of the Titanic, within milliseconds your mind pictures an iceberg. This may not be the case for much longer. When asked about her opinion this topic, Giovana Saintvirgil, sophomore at Woodstock High School, replied with, “This sounds like some type of illuminati mess!”

What do you think really happened to the Titanic? Could this be fact, or fiction? We hope to find out soon, and are eager to hear more.

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