Take a Step Back a Few Decades

Section Editor: Alex Brodofsky

What’s up guys, it’s your guy, uhh, Robert! Yeah, let’s go with “Robert…” But anyways, I’m back from the long and body destructive break we call Winter Break! Ahh, yes, Winter Break. Times where everyone come in together in a house and gets stuck there because you have to be with your family. You might go outside and play in the snow or lock yourself in the house where there is  a nice fireplace to sit in front of while you wrap yourself in 8 million blankets to feel just a little bit warm.

Going home for the holidays reminded me about the past and all the times I had growing up as a kid. Times like when my mom made me soup when it was cold or when she drew beautiful paintings with me. Or when my dad taught me how to run a business, when I was only 8 years old! Well, not telling me, more like me spying on him from around the corner, but I’m sure he knew I was there. But either way, I would pay homage to them sooner in life. Take this for example: Classic Rock.

“When I think of Classic Rock, I think of arena

rock, like concerts and stuff, compared to repeated CDs, vinyls, and tapes.” – Jared


Here is a real legend; David Bowie preforms a stare that entices both fear and unquestionable excitement in everyone that stares into his gaze


“It (Classic Rock) was music that changed lives with its rhythmic tunes and deep lyrics; Music today just can’t compare.” -Hannah Johnson

“I love Classic Rock! It always makes me nostalgic of the past, beck when things were easy; when we didn’t have to deal with all this (explicit).” -Anonymous

Either way, people always know what this music does to you. Here’s the list to show you what you can expect, including both sides of it all.

The Doors
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Led Zeppelin
David Bowie
Pink Floyd
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles


Here we see The Beatles posing with their tools of attraction.

Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix
The Clash
Black Sabbath

Guns and roses
Creedence Clearwater Revival


Mac Demarco

Lynard Skynard

The Beach Boys

The Who

Deep Purple

The Eagles

Ozzy Osbourne


A personal favorite of mine, Pink Floyd manages to express a dream-like trance in people, no matter who you are.


The Grateful Dead


Steve Miller Band

…And many, many others!

Now, right around the late 70’s to the early 80’s, Classic Rock split down the middle. There was the older style rock with soothing sounds and smooth transitions with artists like Mac Demarco, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, while the other half had some crazy rock’n’roll style music with loud guitar riffs and very energizing beats with bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Kiss.

Some people like one side, while some people like the other. Some people like both, and some people like neither. Whatever your stance is on those great sounds pressed into vinyl, you can hold one thing to be sure: music changed back then, and you can’t go back and change that.

“Now I leave you with one valued piece of wisdom, and be sure to hold it dear. Music is music, no matter what you hear.” – Alex Brodofsky


All pictures derived from Creative Commons

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