Trump to legalize drugs?

Staff writer: Malcolm Green

What so far since the beginning of the 2016 election cycle can be classified as ‘predictable’ and in accordance to the status quo? The prominent schism between GOP leadership and Trump is evident in special interests ties and corporate sponsorships of the United States Congress, so how will this affect practical policy making in the years to come for healthcare?

Trump has repeatedly stood his ground on taking the most populist position on issues appealing to the average American, so he should continue this rhetoric and defend the countries’ right to healthcare.


Trump’s plans as president will remain a public mystery until they are put to a vote. (Photo courtesy of Emily Hailstone)

As House and Senate Republicans vote down multiple tenants of the Affordable Care Act that are attractive to the overwhelming portion of voters, Trump has the opportunity to begin fulfilling his promise of going against the grain and vetoing these votes.

Trump promoted his support of Medicare and illuminated its effectiveness during interviews before he accepted the GOP nomination. President-elect Trump has been in direct opposition to the establishment and has pledged to drain the swamp to ensure political justice, but how much of what Trump says is in accordance with the best wishes of the American people?

Perhaps after taking a firm stance on protecting the life every American, which is the duty of a civilized nation, Trump can direct his attention towards the pharmaceuticals community. For too long they have been supported financially by these institutions, which is quite generous for a completely unbiased who suspend their personal agendas in lieu of searching for cheap and effective means of keeping Americans alive.

When questioned about the veracity of Trump’s commitment to Medicare, Dr. Engram, a Woodstock High United States history teacher, proclaimed “Trump is smarter than we all give him credit for, he is a populist who is not going to repeal Obamacare. Trump distracts the media and that is what his current statements about repeal and replace are about.”


Perhaps Trump’s secretary of treasury pick Steve Mnuchin will only exacerbate a financial disaster on health care. (Photo courtesy of Emily Hailstone.)

There is little confirmation of Trump’s entire plan for healthcare and that problem is confounded even more with Trump’s Secretary of HHS (Health and Human Services) pick Tom Price. Price is the antithesis of Trump’s sentiments of replacing lifelong career politicians to with citizens such as himself.

Price is in favor of privatized healthcare, which is the reason why so many Americans before Obamacare are bound to pay egregious rates just to stay alive. It is a system that favors rich lives over poor lives.


Price has proven himself to be a corporate shill, so will he guarantee Americans’ right to life? (Photo courtesy of Emily Hailstone)

America without Obamacare would see over thirty million people lose their health insurance. How do Trump and Tom Price, who has over $100,000 in stocks of medical companies, expect to provide these people with treatment.

Mr. Domenico, a Woodstock High psychology and human geography teacher, prioritized what was most important about healthcare in America, “Previously the senate and House needed sixty votes to pass something through, one they only need fifty. That’s not bipartisanship, which is necessary. Obamacare could pass because of this and now Trump will be given free reign.”

His concerns are certainly noteworthy but only time will tell whether Trump has fought for or against the people. For now, mainstream media should avoid frivolous cat fighting and should not be so easily manipulated, only then will Trump’s action of good or bad be highlighted.

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