We can look forward to the next four years!

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

President-elect Donald Trump will soon become the next president, but it wasn’t an easy journey. Throughout the election, trump had to face violence, massive amounts of slander, and worst of all, blatant racism. With all this being said, trump is not completely innocent, but he didn’t deserve anywhere near as much deconstructive criticism as he received. But through all that, he still managed to become the next president. This tolerance and overall patience are what defines an overqualified president. Furthermore, there is much more to look forward too.

(Obtained from noticiasenlamira.com) (Photo of  Donald trump.)483208412

First off, let’s start with trumps immigration plan. His plan strives to prevent and stop the mass flood of immigration coming from the extremely weak, borderline, nonexistent wire mesh fence we have now. We might as well, have a stick and draw a line in the sand. Not only this but to also deport the illegal immigrants that currently reside in our country. What effect will this have? This plan will open up economic opportunities for many Americans across the country, by not only opening job opportunities, that Americans desperately need in these times, but by resupplying our federal tax dollars that were being wasted on these illegal immigrants. Did you know the American government wastes 11 billion dollars on illegal immigrants annually? “that’s a lot of money” quoted from an anonymous senior at Woodstock high.

download-7(photo of Donald trump) (found on http://www.businessinsider.com/)

His next major policy is to reform health care and to reduce the burden of its heavy cost. For years, Americans have suffered from the heavy burden of Obama care. This so-called “care” with its insatiable hunger for tax dollars has undoubtedly led to its demise. Repealing Obama-care, no person should be forced to have insurance. If they can afford it, then so be it, but it should not be forced down their throat, and then if they refuse, be punished. Trumps reform plan with rejuvenating the health care mojo and make it a friendlier system, rather than it having a big brother feel to it. “I do think our government can be better with trump” quoted from an anonymous junior from Woodstock high.trump (photo of Donald trump) (found on http://www.gettyimages.com/)

Overall, the next four years will be a great strive in American history, and will, in time, make a great footprint in our nation’s overall attitude towards the government and its ability to further help the people, making one complete united nation.





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