Bringing in the new year with SPIRIT

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott 

McKenzie Keeton is one of our school’s top spirited student. She was voted by the whole senior class as “Most Spirited”. We all agree that there was nobody else deserving of this title.  


Kenzie and Most Spirited male, Andy Salame, showing their spirit for the Pink Out (Taken by Lexi Solorzano)



We interviewed McKenzie to get the inside scoop on our most spirited female.

Taylor: How do you show your school spirit?

Kenzie: I try to go to all of the sporting events and scream and cheer them on as loud as I can, I always paint up or wear festive outfits to go along with theme, and honestly just carrying myself and presenting myself with the wolverine pride in every day life shows a lot of spirit in itself.

T: Did you think you would get most spirited?

K: I honestly had no clue, I was shocked, but also I have never been so happy, because that superlative actually means something to me, it shows me that my friends think of me when they think Woodstock, and I am glad that I got to spend my years at Woodstock cheering on my fellow friends as best as I could.



Kenzie and friends, Allison Steele and Josephine Shepard looking like highlighters at the Neon Out (Taken by Taylor Elliot)

Lexi: Do you plan on taking your spirit and pride onto college?


K: Well I am going to Kennesaw University, and I plan to support them as much as I have Woodstock, including all the sporting events, and clubs, and just everything, but even though I will be an owl next year, I’ll always be a Wolverine in my heart, and I will never lose my spirit for this school.

We asked a couple seniors about what they think about McKenzie…

Lexi: Do you think McKenzie Kenton is the most spirited girl at our school?

Sydney Bridge (senior): Oh most definitely, she is at almost every game from beginning to end, there’s not a moment that I don’t see her cheering, she’s always at the front of the stands screaming and yelling no matter that, if anyone deserves it, she does.

Taylor: How has McKenzie impacted the way you show your school spirit

Arin Breitbart: Just seeing how far she takes it and how much fun she has while cheering on our school just makes me want to cheer and go to the events even more, also being her teammate on the volleyball team, and watching her cheer her team on from court is truly amazing, she’s a leader on and off the court and I can’t wait to see where her strong personality takes her in life.

Having Kenzie in our student section really helps our fans get into the game and cheer on our boys. She doesn’t only go to football games. She has been to many games such as softball and basketball. While being a four-year varsity letterman for our volleyball team, she still finds herself going to any game she can, whether after a practice or game. Not only is she a great friend, teammate, and leader, she is now a coach. She is coaching her own volleyball team, which she is doing for her senior project and a basketball team. Overall McKenzie Keeton deserves to be the senior of the month because of her devotion to the school. I’m sure you will see her at your next Woodstock event.


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