Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

As the new year begins, graduation gets closer and seniors are ready to be done with high school. We aren’t ready yet though, we still need to order and get our caps and gowns. From hearing around the school, the students don’t sound too thrilled about the caps and gowns.


Lexi Solorzano and Woodstock gradute, Savanna Adams (Photo Credit: Taylor Elliot)

Seniors think that they look very dull and cheap looking for the price they’re paying for them.  Rachel Carey said ” If I’m paying $106 dollars for a cap and gown I should at least be able to decorate the top of the cap and be able to keep it.” Most seniors feel the same way because we are wearing the gowns for about two hours then giving it back to “Herff Jones”

Herff Jones is the company that sells Woodstock the caps and gowns, also the class rings.  Herff Jones is a great company that gives great pricing for all the senior sweatpants, sweatshirts, ect. Seniors are very content with most of the pricing of everything, except the caps and gowns.


Woodstock alum in their gowns (Photo Credit: Lexi Solorzano)

Seniors love having memories and not be able to keep the caps and gowns really upsets them. Ashley Stephens said ” I want to make memories and keep them and I think being able to keep our caps and gowns would be so special to all the seniors” I agree with that because most schools get to keep their caps and gowns.

Some seniors are also very concerned about the price and not being able to pay for the gowns, and they wouldn’t be able to match all the other seniors graduating because they cant afford the gown.

The gowns are also the same every year and never change the design, so this years seniors think they should be different every year because they want to get what they pay for. Yes, they gowns are super nice, but also they’re not that good looking.


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