Have Freshman Cracked Under Pressure Yet?

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

Freshman- the most infamous class in high school. Going from the top of the food chain as eighth graders to the bottom of the river is hard enough without having to be known as the newbies and put into a generalized group of annoying and clueless teenagers. Last year, when I was a freshman, I definitely felt the change academically and socially. I interviewed some freshman around the school to get their thoughts of high school after their first semester.

Charles Snyder commented, “Surprisingly, it’s easier than middle school. I have a lot more freedom than I did last year.” His friends around him agreed and explained how it hasn’t been as hard as people made it out to be, but others did not think the same way they did. For example, I came across a group of girls who begged to differ. “The work load is a lot more and it’s more serious than middle school. I hope second semester will be easier.” This was said by Emily Zuluga and Alex Williams. Most freshman who are taking honors and advanced placement classes agreed with Emily and Alex’s statement, while the ones in on level classes took Charles’s side. Maybe in the future when some of these students decide to take part in AP or honors classes, the difficulty level will rise and priorities will be rearranged.

After the semester one of my first year in high school was finished, I had a better idea of what toe expect for the second one. I set goals and thought about the changes I needed to make to exceed in the final eighteen weeks of my ninth grade year. Sarah-Grace Livingston also planned out for a better second semester. “I’ve decided I need to be more organized with my folders, and studying is not a recommendation. I’ve also realized that time management is imiportant in high school to balance my studies with after school activities.” She reorganized her book bag and does her work before hanging out with her friends.

After realizing how much work and responsibility high school really is, your priorities and schedules should revolve around your school work if you’re thinking about your future. So, note to all the freshman, don’t brush off your first year in high school! If you plan on advancing your education by attending a good college in the future, make sure to do your best and learn from your mistakes. I wish the best of luck to all ninth graders going into the rest of your high school career!

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