How to Keep Up With Several Different Series

Section editor: Hannah Suh

 Lately, there have been so many amazing television shows coming out. People have been talking about the Vampire Diaries, This Is Us, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, etc. All of these shows seem amazing, but there are only so many hours in the day to watch them. Trying to watch all of them might be hard, but it is possible.


There are 24 hours in the day. Around 8 of the 24 hours are spent sleeping, 7 hours are spent at school, 3 hours are spent on homework and studying, about 1 hour is spent on eating, and another hour is spent on getting ready to sleep and wake up. That leaves four hours to do whatever you want, although many people have sports and extracurricular activities which limits them. Some even say that it’s even more difficult because “When you want to watch multiple series at a time, you get confused about what is going on in which series. Everything just mixes together.” – Itzel Franco


If all the episodes are already out, arrange different days for different shows. There are seven days in the week, and say you are watching three shows. You could watch two episodes of your first show on Monday, two episodes of you second show on Tuesday, two episodes of your third show on Wednesday, two episodes of your first show on Thursday, two episodes of your second show on Friday, two episodes of your third show on Saturday, and binge watch all you want on Sunday.


By doing this, you can keep up with your activities, and be able to enjoy the series longer. Of course it would be amazing to watch a season a day, but who has the time for that? There will always be days where you don’t have as much homework, and when those days come, then binge binge binge. This can also keep you from losing interest in one of the series you are watching. Carter Reed, a freshman, talked about how “If you don’t keep up with one of the series that you are watching, then you tend to lose interest in it, and stop watching. Then you are behind while others are talking about it.”


If you are going to binge watch your shows, then make sure you are comfortable, have food available, have water or other drinks available, and are close to a restroom. Charge your computer or phone before you binge, so that you can move about comfortably without worrying about the charger cord being stuck in your face. If you are going to take a break, then stretch and get your blood flowing.


If you are going to take a break from your shows, then I recommend the movie Hacksaw Ridge. It is not out in theaters anymore, but it will be out on DVD February 21st, 2017. It is an amazing movie to watch with family, friends, and even alone. But if you are not interested, then that is your loss.


Hope you have an amazing time juggling your series. There are so many amazing series out there, so take a look and don’t be worried if you can’t watch it yet, because February break is coming up! Which means that you have a whole week to binge watch as much as you want.


Scheduling Shows


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