Know a Person, Not Their Clothes

Staff Writer: Maddie Caracalas

In my lifetime, I’ve seen more girls than I can count being shamed and brought down for what they choose to wear. Girls skirts are always too short, their dresses too tight. To me, it feels like it’s just never enough. There’s always something wrong, I feel as if in this generation, girls are judged for every move they make. Whether it’s a celebrity or someone you’d pass in the hallway, it never seems to stop.


Celebs like Beyoncé get hate from the media on the daily regarding their appearance.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

I was talking to my mom about it this morning while we sat down and ate breakfast together. She told me about this one time when she was in 10th grade and wore a new skirt to school. “A nun actually came up to me and said, ‘That skirt is tight, your mother actually let you leave the house like that?!’ And I just kind of laughed and said, ‘Yeah, she took me to buy it too.’ I was so mad.” She looks back on it and laughs, but told me that it doesn’t make any sense to her. Why do people assume their place to tell girls what they should wear? “I thought I looked fine, my mom thought I looked fine. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have let me go out like that. It’s so aggravating.” I asked a close friend of mine, freshman Grace Timme, for her input on the situation.


Grace when I interviewed her

Maddie: How do you feel about girls being put down all the time for what they choose to wear? Grace: I think if a person is comfortable in who they are and what they’re wearing, then they should be able to do whatever they want. If it doesn’t affect you, you shouldn’t care. You do you and they’ll do them. Maddie: Has anyone ever said anything to you about what you were wearing? Grace: Yeah, I was wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts and they said, “Are you sure you want to wear that at your size?” Maddie: How do you feel when you experience a girl being brought down for her appearance? Grace: In my opinion, everyone is beautiful. So, for someone to think that they have a say in what someone else wears honestly kills me. To be a girl in this world is already hard. There are standards and images of what we should look like, and how we should act. It makes me more than upset when someone is being brought down. Loving yourself is hard, and it’s not okay when someone takes that away from you. It takes five compliments to make people feel differently than one rude comment

To sum things up, I think girls should be able to walk around, comfortable in their own skin without fear of judgement. We should let others live their own lives, and mind our own business.

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