‘Weather’ You Like the Cold or Not

Staff Writer: Haley Roe-Deters

Everyone knows what happens in Georgia when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Roads close, people abandon their cars, schools aren’t open, and people stock up on food. The weather rarely gets bad so the county doesn’t bother to buy salt to put on the roads, but the more snow days we have the more we have to come in over winter break.

People have over exaggerated what to do about snow for the longest time. The ice has had  some effect on the way people drive but another big part is how impatient new drivers can get. A lot of teens tend to under exaggerate, while adults over exaggerate.

Teens under analyze situations involving ice or snow, because of their ego, they speed up and they slide then, they lose control of their vehicle. Junior Samantha Roe-Deters says “Everyone in high school thinks they are so cool because of their ability or inability to drive.”


Picture Credits: Creative Commons.
An iced over road that is unsafe to drive on.

A lot of times there is traffic because of car crashes. Car crashes happen when a driver overreacts to a problem. Car accidents on ice are especially bad because of the outcome and the reason.

Teens today are not generally taught how to drive in snowy, cold weather, so they tend to over compensate the conditions of the roads. However, we also have the drivers who think they can drive perfectly in this weather so, they don’t think their actions through. Juniors Cole Haselhorst and Jake Meuse were “having fun on ice in an empty parking lot” when one of their cars got stuck and the other ripped their heater out.

Most of the stores were almost completely out of food because so many people were prepared for  complete lockdown of the roads. The recent snow storm was similar to the one in 2011. The school cancelled in time but, a teen driver crashed into a fire hydrant at the bottom of the hill, which froze the hill over so buses couldn’t get up.

Most of the time accidents happen when people over think certain scenarios and react in the only way they think is appropriate, however people also don’t think ahead. A lot of kids and adults try different stunts in the snow or on ice. Most of the stunts usually end in a variety of accidents and  injuries.

Freshman Logan Wood says “I don’t like the cold weather, but the wind makes it 10x worse.” Most kids don’t like the cold weather because they are so used to warm Georgia weather. The dramatic change in weather doesn’t help peoples inability to adapt to cold weather. Most kids don’t like cold weather because of what they have grown up knowing.

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