Woodstock’s Got Talent


Closed curtains before the show

Staff Writer: Kylee Jones
Photos: Kylee Jones

Woodstock High School is full of amazing students who love to make it known that they are the most talented. The talent show is a brilliant way to let them shine, bringing out the best in each student through competition. Every student who participated this year stood out in their own way and shone brightly on stage.

The first performer, Danielle McLean on the piano, was a heartfelt performance of her own original song “Cold”. The song, which beautifully captured Danielle’s emotions, spoke about not wanting to fall in love with someone. It struck a chord with many people, myself included, as many have been in the same situation. Her lyrics, such as “What do I do when my mind is made, and I don’t need you anymore” were heartfelt and awe-inspiring, truly showing the amount of emotion poured in to the song.

Izzy Long and Morgan Nelson’s performance of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was a beautiful rendition of the original Elvis song, and their voices worked together in harmony to compliment each other and bring out the best in both students. The ukulele was a nice touch, giving a more personalized feel to the performance and really making the song their own.

Shayna DeGraw performed the song “Rise Up”. Her voice was beautiful and well developed, and carried each and every note with passion and expertise. You could hear the intense emotion in her voice as she sang lyrics like “I’ll rise up, rise like the day, I’ll rise up, rise unafraid”. Isabella Dorminey, a freshman, says that “Shayna’s voice was… awe-inspiring and prominent.”

Grace Timme and Ashlyn Van Buren performed a Mashup of several Twenty Øne Piløts songs, including Migrane, Oh Mrs. Believer, and Ride. Their performance was my personal favorite, though I am a bit biased due to the song choice. However, the singing was great and the music blended together very beautifully, allowing them to transition from one song to another without error. “I loved the song choice.” Says Destiny Anderson, a freshman. “I’m a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots, and the way the songs went together sounded amazing.”

Ultimately, the winner of the talent show was the Vocal Six, consisting of Zack Blauser, Isaac Condrey, Jake Eastridge, Katelyn Nacon, April Schlinkert, and Eli Wilkerson, and they’re performance of “Seven Bridges Road”. Their voices harmonized perfectly in to a pleasant and beautiful orchestra that won them the show. They will be moving on to the regional talent show against the other schools in the area, so let’s wish them all luck!


Performers on stage ready to take a bow


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