Woodstock’s Got Talent!

Staff Writer: Lola Canales

The talent show is a once a year event that gives kids from all grade levels at Woodstock High School an opportunity to wow a crowd with their various acts. Singing, dancing, instrumental pieces, you name it, the talented kids can do it. It is a night of opportunity and entertainment.

The talent show began with two students opening up the show with some easy comedy and soon began introducing acts. The first act was a singing duo, then it was followed by a cello performance, a dance routine, a song played on the banjo, and another amazing solo singer.


Hosts starting the show!

After the first five acts, there was a brief intermission of fifteen minutes so audience members could get water, talk, and leave the auditorium as pleased. But soon, the lights began to dim again and the hosts appeared back on stage to introduce more acts for the second half of the show.

The second half contained a variety of singing acts, duos, solos, and some students played instruments such as the guitar or piano with their song, even an acapella and group act. Another dancer also preformed a contemporary style dance.

Various singers and dancers preforming.

The game show consisted of questions such as, “Which Catholic holiday is Halloween linked to,” and “How long does it take for the ball to drop on New Years Eve?” The contestants had to get in pairs and once the questions were up the first person to ring the bell got to answer, whichever person got the most right out of each pair won a small prize. At first, the prizes were jokes such as ear plugs and plungers. But, after the game show was over the winners were actually taken backstage and given sour patch kids as a real prize. Yaren Akcaalan says, “The show was really fun and enjoyable.”


Contestants competing in the game show!

Once the show was over, the judges had their results and were ready to share with the audience. The first to win was people’s choice, a freshman singer, Sheridan Bass. In third place was Jacob Sosby, who played the banjo. In second place was, Naiomi Hanby, with a contemporary dance. And in first place was a singing group called The Vocal Six, and they will be moving onto the county competition!


The vocal 6, winning contestants moving onto county competition!

The talent show was an amazing platform for students from all grade levels at Woodstock High can show their family and friends what they’re capable of. Logan Wood, a freshman at Woodstock said the show was, “much better than expected,” and she was, “very impressed.” I think I can fairly say everyone that attended was also very impressed. So, until next year!

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