Drama Star: Kayli Rice

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

This month Kayli Rice is our Student of the Month. She is the Drama Leader of the Drama Club, she was asked a few questions about how she has felt and how has she improved, as well as what she has accomplished and if she wants to continue her acting career when she graduates.

I asked what got her involved in drama and if she had any inspirations. She said “My brother was my inspiration because he was in theater in high school his four years, I did community drama when I was younger as well so I wanted to try it out when I got to high school”. She began acting her freshmen year and her first role was in their first fall show. I asked her how she felt since she joined drama and if she had improved since then. She replied with “I feel really good about it, and I think I have improved dramatically over the years I stared in a two person plat that lasted an hour with no breaks, I have made many new fiends over these four years as well and it has boosted my confident and social skills so I can do better in preforming.

She is drama leader which has to come with a lot of responsibilities. She said some of her responsibilities are coordinating costumes and helping with the production of plays, she said that people can come to her for advice during or before shows to boost their confidence and help them improve during preforming as well.

Since she is graduating very soon and she is still wanting to continue her acting career. She is attending Kennesaw State University and is thinking about minoring in their drama department. I asked that if her drama career gets big and she gets somewhere in the industry if she plans to do anything with it, she said she would like to be in the play “It Goes” and many more of her favorites shows when she gets older.

She has been one of the actors who have improved the most over her 4 years. She is humble, kind, bubbly, and a great person to go to for advice when you are about to perform. Her classmates think very highly of her and so does her teacher, Ms. Robbins. That is the journey of a rising drama star, Kayli Rice.kayi

Kayli acting in Jerry Finnegan’s sister

picture credits- Hannah Robins


Kayli and her friend messing around in drama class

picture credits- Hannah Robbins

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