Hamilton: The Historical Musical Taking the World by Storm

Staff Writer: Makayla Powell
Teenagers everywhere are raving about a new rap musical sweeping Broadway by storm. Now, when one thinks ‘rap musical’, the founding of America is not really the first thing that comes to mind, but playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda had other ideas.
Writer of “Hamilton” and Alexander Hamilton himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda came up with the idea of a play about Alexander Hamilton in the airport when he picked up a book about the lesser known founding father. After reading up on Hamilton, Miranda was astonished by how little anyone learns about him when talking about the founding of America since he had such an essential role and everything, and so was born “Hamilton: An American Musical” as an attempt to show everyone who this man was and why he is so important.

ham-picPicture Credit: Creative Commons
So what is “Hamilton: An American Musical” about? The musical is almost 3 hours long, but every lyric is captivating and meaningful to the plot as a whole. It begins with the song “Alexander Hamilton”, which tells the audience about Hamilton’s tragic upbringing and his journey from a colony in the Bahamas to New York City.
The opening song also gives a preview of what is to come when it features lines from each major character about their interactions with Hamilton. The play makes a clear emphasis on how much of Hamilton’s life has been impacted by all the minor characters and how his legacy could not have lived on without them. Senior and avid Hamilton listener Jaci Csuback said, “I love Hamilton not only because it’s a bunch of the founding fathers rapping, but it tells a story of America practically no one has heard.”


Picture Credit: Creative Commons
As the play goes on, we meet Hamilton’s main opponent, Aaron Burr. Along with Burr we met his friends, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan, who are all very talented rappers. Who knew the Sons of Liberty were so lit? We also hear all about Hamilton’s dreams for America and how he wants to make a difference in this developing nation. The songs are all packed with historical references, sexual innuendos, and some profanity, all while using modern language.
The first act continues with humor and slight tension as we experience the Revolutionary War, meet the famous Schuyler sisters, interact with George Washington and see the founding of America, all through a mesh of hip hop and traditional musical numbers. Senior and newfound Hamilton lover Katie Costa said “At first I was a little hesitant to listen to Hamilton because who wants to listen to a musical about history? But after a couple songs I realized this was lit and I needed to open my heart to the possibilities.”
In the more politically abrasive second act, Hamilton tries to push countless ideas and papers through Congress, while attempting to work through major conflicts with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The audience is able to see the pain that Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, experience as they work through a scandal, and later, when their son dies, in addition to stressing Aaron Burr’s struggle as well.
By the end of the show, the audience has seen the founding of America in a new light, along with shedding a few tears because of the emotional rollercoaster of the second act. People everywhere are riveted by the powerful story of the man on the ten dollar bill and its time in the limelight has only just begun.

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