The Top Winning Movie of 2016

Section Editor: Ashley Humphries


When I first heard about La La Land, I was talking to a friend at work. He was going on and on about how good the movie was and would not shut up. He kept bugging me to go see the movie, so I finally caved after the six hours and said I would go. I went with my older sister; she had heard the same thing and wanted to go as well.

The movie was so good! I am not the kind of person to really like musical movies, I have never seen High School Musical or any popular musical movie. This movie has changed my mind, in a way, about musicals. Although, the beginning did not really make much sense, and the ending was confusing. The ending left me and my sister with so many questions, so we just started making up answers.

SPOILER ALERT! The ending! What the heck was the ending? Was she imagining everything that could have happened with him if he had just kissed her when she was going to compliment her? Why did she not smile when she saw he used the name she came up with for his own jazz place? Why did he not chase after her after he played her song he played for her? So many questions.

SPOILER ALERT AGAIN! What was the entire scene about when they snuck into the observatory room and started singing and dancing through the air? Also, if they loved each other so much, why did they not fix things when they could?

On another note, the movie has already won many awards, such as the Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Performance by an Actress and Actor, Best Original Screenplay and more all at the Golden Globes ceremony held earlier this month!

Many people rated the movie 10/10! People were amazed with how good the movie was and how great the musical scenes were.

Jim Slotek says, “I have yet to meet someone who’s watched it and came out in a bad mood.”

I have not seen anyone talk bad about the movie itself! People are saying the movie is easily the best movie of 2016 (other than Deadpool, in my opinion).

Peter Howell says, “People say the movie musical is dead. Tell me that to your tapping toes while watching the enchantment of La La Land, one of the year’s best films.”

I could certainly agree with that comment, you cannot, not like the movie if your toes are dancing along with it.



Emma Stone won the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes.

Photo Credits: Creative Commons


A scene from the opening sequence of the movie.

Photo Credits: Creative Commons

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