The Plane That Took Flight and Never Landed: MH370’s Search Halt has Families in Uproar

Staff Writer: Heather Abler  

On March 8, 2014, 239 people had no idea that this would be their last plane ride, or rather, the last day that they would ever see their loved ones again. The Malaysian plane MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and was supposed to be arriving at Beijing at 6:30am. However, the only ground this plane would ever be touching again would be the underwater ground of the Indian Ocean.


Picture of MH370. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell

How could this have happened? How could have 239 people mysteriously “disappear?” Why has the search lasted for three years, and why is it now being put on halt? These are the questions from the heartbroken and confused families of passengers that were on the MH370.

What is even more bizarre is that Malaysian airlines lost all communication with the plane less than an hour after take-off! The plane sent no message of distress or any signals that would cause suspicion to the plane’s activity. The most chilling part of this mystery, however, is the last words heard spoken from the cockpit, “Good night Malaysian three seven zero.”

How would you feel if your parents went on a flight and you never heard from them again, without even knowing what happened to them? The news that the search would be put on halt outraged and terrified the families of the 239 victims. One family member said the search is, “an inescapable duty owned to the flying public.” The search has discovered many volcanoes and shipwrecks, but the plane is nowhere to be found.

When you really sit down and think about what could’ve happened to this plane, your mind runs wild. It was reported two Iranian men were aboard the flight, with fake passports. Could there have been a hijacking? Could it be a supernatural event? With the advanced technology the world has today, it is almost unbelievable that the plane hasn’t been found, and even more unbelievable that the search has been on hold. The longer the plane isn’t searched for, the more time passes, and evidence could be wasting away!


Plane Survey Showing Search Areas. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell

We asked two students from Woodstock High School, Robin Whitmire, senior, and Sadie Hayes, sophomore, their opinions on the search holt. Robin says, “I’d have to say that I’m okay with the hold. If they’ve searched everywhere, and they have absolutely no trace or leads on where it could have landed, then there’s not really a point to continue the search. While it is sad for the families, it’s been years since it happened so I think that they should probably just accept the fact that their loved ones won’t be returning and move on with their lives. The people searching for this plane probably have more important cases, with leads, that they could follow and come out with successes.” Sadie says, “I think they were right to put the search on hold because even though there were 239 people on the flight, the “disappearance” was most likely a crash. The passengers most likely wouldn’t have made it through a plane crash.”

We can only hope MH370 is found, and the families can get some answers as to what happened to their loved ones.

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