Ya Like Jazz?

Section Editor: Alex Brodofsky


What’s up all you cool cats? It’s me, your funkadelic conductor, boarding all passengers on the next train to jazz city. You all have heard jazz at least once or twice. It’s that nice smooth song with heavy saxophone and lots of bass. Now by that, I mean the instrument of course, not the electronic sound that devours all rap songs nowadays.


It started in Louisiana back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, right around the turn of the century, where everyone was celebrating the end of the old century and the start of the


Louis Armstrong goofing around with a trumpet, making everyone  giggle

new with a new form of musical expression. A couple of people were just sitting around, and one of them had the bright idea to pick up an instrument and started just playing a beat. Soon, another picked up another instrument, and another, and another, and another.


Many greats, such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, made jazz a part of their life, until it became more and more of them. They dedicated their lives to making such beautiful music.

And as always, here is The List:


Louis Armstrong

Miles Davis

Charlie Parker

John Coltrane

Thelonious Monk

Dizzy Gillespie

Billie Holliday


Ella Fitzgerald posing by the stairs, ready to preform

Duke Ellington

Ella Fitzgerald

Herbie Hancock

Sonny Rollins

Bill Evans

Gene Krupa

Kenny G

Chet Baker

Count Basie

Charles Mingus

Cannonball Adderley

Coleman Hawkins

Oscar Peterson

Fats Waller

Jelly roll Morton

Art Blakey

King Oliver

Stan Getz

Bix Beiderbecke

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan Tooting his trumpet for all to hear

Art Tatum

Eric Dolphy

Wes Montgomery

Clifford Brown

Sarah Vaughan

And many, many, many more


“Jazz as a genera is as soothing as it is Upbeat” –  Patty Olton

“I don’t listen to it, and PLEASE don’t make Bee Movie jokes” – Kylee Jones

“Ya like Jazz?” – Allison Steward, quoting Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie


There are so many artists that the list I have brought is a mere scratch of this giant block we call Jazz. Listening to it makes you feel calm and relaxed. Take Louis Armstrong’s piece “What a Wonderful World.” It makes you feel happy and soothed while you listen to the smooth sounds of the music and hearing his rough voice melodically singing along to the melody.

Now that may not be EVERYONE’S number one choice for music style, but i know if you’re stressing about school or some garbage like that, just get some headphones, find a nice, dimly-lit room, and slip away into the slumber of the truly relaxed, and savor every last drop of musical gold dripping into your ears.

As of now, I think I’ll go slip off into a nice peaceful sleep. Thank’s for joining me today. Stay safe, and I’ll hope to see you next time.
All pictures derived from Creative Commons.

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