No More Trailers for Seniors

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

Since this year many trailers have been added to Woodstock High School. There are three trailers that are very close to the school and easy to get to without being late to class. However, there is another set of trailers all the way on the other side of the school (the middle school to be exact) These trailers take about eight minutes to get to from the classes inside and we only have five minutes to get to each class. Brant Hurter said” It’s ridiculous that I actually have to come out here” Yes, the teachers give us a little more time, but in all those trailers are MIDDLE school trailers not high school.

Many of the classes in the middle school trailers are senior classes. Most of the seniors are not very happy about that. Haley O’Toole said” We are lazy enough about school work, we don’t want to walk half a mile to class” Also it takes up time that we have to learn, because it takes so long to get there and back we have to get to class late and leave class early.

On rainy days, students don’t want to walk outside and get all wet, so sometimes they just won’t go. If you go to the middle school trailers you will see that most of the classes out there have seniors in them. Why not put the freshman classes out there? Also, the trailers have teachers who have taught at Woodstock for many years. Those teachers need a real classroom! Most students don’t mind having the trailer classes that are close to the school, but when you ask the students who have to go all the way to the middle school trailers, they hate it!

Also, in the morning most seniors are late to class because of traffic, sleeping, chick flia, etc. Having to walk all the way out to the “middle school” trailers makes them extra late. Students really do hate the middle school trailers and most think they should be taken out. Kyle Long said “Having first period in the middle school trailers makes me not want to come to first period ever” I think most would agree.

All in all, students want the middle school trailers removed all together. Especially for seniors!


Look how far!





  1. Excellent article, i did read it two times so sorry for this, i’ve passed it on to my friends, so with any luck they should get pleasure from it as well.

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