Bringing in the New Year with Spirit: Part Two

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott

Andy Salame is one of our school’s top spirited student. He was voted by the whole senior class as “Most Spirited”. We all agree that there was nobody else deserving of this title. 

We interviewed Andy to get the inside scoop on our most spirited male


Andy Salame posted up Louis Hall

Taylor: How do you show your school spirit?

Andy: I have a season pass for all home sporting events. I go to all of the sporting events and paint up and dress up for every theme I always paint up or wear festive outfits to go along with theme.

T: Did you think you would get most spirited?

A: I honestly I had hoped I would, because that superlative meant something to me, it shows me that my friends think of me when they think Woodstock.

Lexi: Do you plan on taking your spirit and pride onto college?

A: Well I plan to attend Georgia Southern University and I     plan to support them as much if not more as I have Woodstock. Including all the sporting events, and clubs, and just everything, but even though it kills me that I will be an eagle., I’ll always be a Wolverine.


Our most spirited seniors at the pink out, taken: Lexi Solorzano

We asked a couple seniors about what they think about Andy… 

Lexi: Do you think Andy Salame is the most spirited guy at our school?  

Marcus Farmer (senior): Yes, he is all out every game from beginning to end, there’s not a moment that I don’t see him cheering, he’s always at the front of the stands screaming and if anyone deserves it, he does. 

Taylor: How has Andy impacted the way you show your school spirit

Ricky Diep: He makes the games a lot more fun, seeing somewhere have so much spirit for our school and how much fun he has while cheering on our school just makes me want to cheer and go to the events even more.     

Andy is a leader for our school. The way his positive energy impacts our student section really helps our fans get into the game and cheer on our boys and girls. He goes to all events.  He has been a part of our tennis team for four years. While being the most spirited guy at our school, he also supports his professional teams as well. A die hard Miami Hurricanes fan to A New York Giants enthusiast. Andy is an all around team supporter that everyone wants in the sports events.


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