Carve the Mark in Woodstock High School

Section Editor: Hannah Suh

On Saturday, January 21, Veronica Roth came to Woodstock High School to introduce her new book, “Carve the Mark”. Students gathered in the Woodstock auditorium to witness this revealing. The day consisted of picture taking, Q and A’s, and book signing.

You might have recognized the name of the author due to her well recognized “Divergent” series. Veronica Roth wrote the amazing series of books that were later turned into movies. These books were based off of a dystopian society in which everyone were tested into a “faction”.

The main character in the series had a default in her testing, which was later known as “divergent’’. She struggled to survive in her new faction, facing hard tasks, tough love, and even people trying to kill her. She struggled with losing friends, family, and even tearing the system apart.

Veronica Roth’s new book, “Carve the Mark”, is a science-fiction novel that involves characters with powers, powerful enemies, and a skillful and smart protagonist. This book seems to be similar to her other series, by taking the reader to a whole different world and society. Hopefully, like her other series, this book will have many more books following it.

Veronica Roth went from writing “Divergent” in 2011, to “Insurgent” in 2012, to “Allegiant” in 2013, to “Four” in 2014, and finally to “Carve the Mark” in 2017. Readers of Veronica Roth’s novels must have had to be super patient, waiting three years to read another one of Veronica’s amazing books. They already have gotten the book on the Best Seller’s List!

As a fan of the “Divergent” series, it was upsetting not being able to meet this amazing writer and person. Although, I myself didn’t get to go, here is a quote from someone who did get to go:

A freshman, Julia Farrier, said, “I was excited to even be in the same room as her. She is such an inspiration and a very relatable person. She is also very sweet and funny.  My favorite thing she said was “I am an introvert and I am tired.”  I loved the show and it was an amazing experience.”

A freshman, Mackenzie Rich, stated, “Having someone who is this well known as a writer was quite exquisitely interesting and exciting.”

It seems like everyone was very happy to be able to meet Veronica Roth at Woodstock High School. Some people even say that it was one of their most amazing experiences. Being able to have such an inspiring and highly thought of person in this school was so great for so many people. Let us all wish her luck with the success of her new book!


Julia Farrier and Veronica Roth at Woodstock High School

Photo courtesy of: Ella Elbeck and Julia Farrier


The Divergent Series

Photo courtesy of: Ella Elbeck


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