Inaugural Subterfuge: What Trump didn’t say

Staff Editor: Malcolm Green

Since the first inaugural at the Federal Hall at New York, the President has been mandated to take an oath securing that he will fulfill his position’s responsibilities to his fullest capacity, but has Trump already broken that oath, or has the press been beguiled into one of Trump’s P.R. traps?

Before the inaugural, local supporters around Woodstock expected for there to be record breaking turnouts, with Jeffrey Topper, a Junior at Woodstock, exulting Trump’s impending inauguration as “A massive turnout! I even expect for there to be double the amount as there was at Obama’s inauguration in 2008.”

I pondered if he truly meant that there would be over two million people at the inauguration and he was confident in this as well.

“Yes! There will absolutely be more, after all, the election was a revolution for the small guy.”

Despite these hopeful dreams, Trump received at a maximum of 250,000 attendees. That is lower than both of Bush’s inaugurations. Yet Trump is insistent that his attendance numbers were falsified by the news.

He has even gone as far as to call the national park chief to produce evidence of a larger crowd, an obvious example of self-restraint by our eminent President Trump of his authority. He has even hung a misleading photo of his crowd in his press hall, but why would he be so linear in what he focuses on in his first few days in office.


The crowd numbers would soar…far below the president’s hopeful figures. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)


One theory is that this is all a ruse, an attempt to draw the press away from what he is truly enacting already. We have seen him do this before, such as when he tweeted that flag burners should lose their citizenship, while doing this he was also settling for Trump University.

Where was the media coverage for that?

This crowd number thing is a diversion so he can sign the 17 executive orders he already has and put a gag rule on both the EPA and NASA and the National Park Service. A gag order is when an organization or government department is not allowed to publish any findings or report to the public.

These three have had to resort to create rogue twitter accounts just to relay information to the American people who have a right to hear 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming is real and man-made.

According to Trump however, that information should land a government official in jail. He has effectively sanctioned the sedition of basic facts, a form of law that was last seen during Japanese internment camps.

While all this behind the scenes subterfuge is taking place, on inauguration day itself there were massive protests that are worth mentioning.

More than 200 individuals were arrested on that day, some would call then thugs, others would say they are resisting imminent oppression. These folks should be commended for their actions, for they advocate for equal right and democracy. They and their actions should be revealed as the purest examples of honor and patriotism.


Protests would amass numbers larger than the crowd at the actual inaugural. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)


When AJ Cox was questioned on these protestors, he asserted “You cannot look at these protestors as all rioters because that is a silent minority. The majority simply wishes to present their thoughts to everyone else on an open platform.”

AJ is right, you cannot gauge half of America due to a few select individuals. That is not American and it goes against everything our founding fathers fought for.

We should use the same logic when it comes to elections.

Why must only 538 people decide the fate of America for the next 4 years? This country is an oligarchy hiding in the skin of a multi-party democracy.

One could not possibly bribe 350 million Americans, but they could bribe 538. Matthew 6:24 “You cannot serve both god and money.”

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