Kayla Mann, What Doesn’t She Do?

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

Standing out within a school of 2300 students is tough, especially when most of them are on the path to succeed in their lives after high school is over. Kayla Mann has her future in mind while helping out other people. While being a straight A student, she has the time to be a part of four clubs, and being president of two of them.


Photo of Kayla during the summer time

Kayla’s high school career is already so impressive, and she’s only a sophomore! One of Kayla’s favorite hobbies is helping special needs children and adults. She is co-president of Friends Club for this year, taking on many important responsibilities, such as being at all the events, like Friends club thanksgiving, the ice cream social, and special olympics. Also, she’s in charge of helping plan other activities after schoo, like bowling, or dinners. During her linch period, she hangs out with the special students too keep them company. She spends most of her time with one specific student, Bryan, taking him on walks in his wheelchair during the school day. “I feel incredible helping out. I know it truly makes their day and it puts a smile on both my face and theirs. I love getting to know and understand each of their unique and fun personalities.” Kayla even keeps up her volunteering during her vacation time. She is a councilor at Camp Kaos, a getaway for kids with Down syndrome, autism, and other forms of special needs. Her Saturdays are also spent unselfishly teaching swimming lessons at SPLASH for children with special needs, and Monday’s at Leisure Spectrum with fun activities for these children, winning her volunteer of the year for 2016.

You would think that with all of these activities that take up so much out of your day, finding time to keep up with your academics would be next too impossible. Not for Kayla, she maintains straight A’s in all of her honors and advanced placement classes, ranking number thirty five in the tenth grade class. Woodstock sure is lucky to have an academically driven person like Kayla Mann, who also shows her school spirit by being part of the cheerleading team during football season. “I maintain my GPA by just keeping my mind set high for the future of getting into my dream school, Stanford university. As soon as I get home from school I begin doing homework and studying for any quizzes or tests the next day. I don’t stop that on weekends either I always put aside time to get my work done but also leave time to volunteer and have a social life!” It’s a great honor for her to represent the wolverine nation! Her bright future will not be a shock to anyone, but will certainly bring pride to our school!


Kayla Mann and Bailey McCurtain during cheer season on the sidelines!


  1. Deanna Sareen says:

    Kayla, you do brighten our students day and especially, Bryan’s day. He asks for you daily and truly appreciates you taking time out during your lunchtime to walk with him and socialize with him. You give from the heart your time and talents and you are wished the very best in your ventures for the future. I am sure you will go far. Stamford University will be lucky to have you when you graduate.

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