Makeup for Men

Editor: Ashlyn Richardson

Recently, there has been quite an uproar over the Youtube sensation, James Charles, partnering with CoverGirl to become the first CoverGuy. When asked about the new face of CoverGirl, Meagan Livingston, a senior at Woodstock High School said, “It’s honestly very cool. I think it’s time we see something different in the beauty world!” But unlike Livingston, many feel that men wearing makeup is a emasculating act that should not necessarily be condoned, nor celebrated in the way that James Charles’ launch was. But as one may deduce, Charles is not the only male in the beauty world receiving backlash for following a passion that many find too feminine for their palette.


CoverGirl’s campaign with Charles’, from CoverGirl’s Instagram


An artistic look from James Charles, from Charles’ Instagram

Youtube stars such as MannyMua, Bretman Rock, and PatrickStarrr find themselves engrossed with doting fans and have even partnered with makeup companies to create their own product lines, but this does not save them from the backlash they receive. As one scrolls through the comments on these Youtuber’s channels, it is easy to see the love their fans have for them as young girls comment “Slayyyy!” and “YAAAAS! THAT GLOW!” but what is even more striking is not the love, but the hate. Men and women alike telling these men they will “burn in hell like the rest of the f*gs” and saying that “men only do makeup because their father didn’t raise them right” simply because their personal stance on the definition of masculinity differs from that of the men they are aiming to tear down. A passion should not be attacked because it doesn’t fit one’s personal
mold of gender roles, especially when said passion is one that was originated by the very men who have come to define masculinity.


Screencap from MannyMua’s Youtube Channel showing a new makeup trend


PatrickStarrr displaying the power of make up, from his Youtube channel


A fun picture of Rock showing off his silly and serious side from his Youtube Channel

According to, “The earliest records of men using cosmetics were inAsia – in China and Japan 3000BC, men and women used tinctures of gum arabic, gelatin and egg to stain their fingernails to signify their status in society. Flash forward a couple of thousand years and the Ancient Brit warriors were daubing their faces in blue woad and became known by the Romans as Picts – the painted ones. The Romans themselves painted their heads to disguise premature baldness (can’t imagine that was hugely convincing…), a precursor to the wigs and male beauty spots of the court of Louis XIII (who went bald at 23 and hence pushed wigs as all the rage). Harlequins, Dandies and Macaronis followed.” So, male beauty bloggers are not so different from the men that used to battle for their country’s empire. Make up in the world of men is not so terribly new, but without the knowledge of this, the public display of it can be strange to some. Like Austin Bailey, a senior at Woodstock High School, who when asked about his feelings towards male beauty bloggers said, “What is a male beauty blogger?”

While Bailey may be clueless, there is still not an overwhelming consensus to whether males in the beauty industry have the support of most or will be shamed into nonexistence. Matt Mattson, a senior at Woodstock, certainly summed up the feelings that most have concerning the erupting world of unconventional beauty. Mattson said,  “The dudes doing make up seem a little larger than life. They have all this fame for doing something so unconventional, but I don’t get the hype. Personally, I could never do it, but who am I to stop them from doing something they love?” While the majority is on the fence about their feelings, time will only tell if male make up is here to stay or simply a fad waiting to fizzle out.

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