Media Bias

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

Just when we though the media bias had hit a minimum, we were proven wrong. With this previous election between Donald J, Trump, and Hilary Clinton the media bias has, in turn, doubled in size. How is the media responding to this?download.png

(News website) (from Emily Hailstone)

It’s simple, they claim other false news stories as “fake news”, but really its just media bias in disguise. While there aren’t any news sources that are without bias, some are significantly more bias than others.

For example, during the 2017 presidential election, democratic sites posted not one, not two, but multiple falsely claimed articles that shunned trump with a blanket of hate speech and derogatory terms. For example, trump was labeled “Racist” by multiple new sources in an attempt to discredit his reputation and furthermore, attempt to cost him his running term. But what did he say that was so “racist”? He simply stated that he wanted to deport illegal immigrants. Emphases on illegal. And what did the media do? They jumped on the political correctness bandwagon and passed along this bias narrative that trump wants do deport all Mexicans. An anonymous  sophomore at Woodstock high school said, “It’s amazing all the lies they spread”

download (8).jpg(media website)(Emily hailstone)


This topic may not seem like a big deal, but when you realize that all this media bias is affecting everyday people who don’t know what to believe, it will spur up hatred and violence. A more recent example of this are all the trump riots that took place during the inauguration. The protesters were armed with crowbars and threw objects at people and businesses, destroying storefronts and damaging vehicles.

Now, would they have done this if the media was not spreading false information? Maybe not, but it is without a doubt that the media bias generated on a daily basis was an influential player in this.

What can we do to set this to a minimal, or at least stop it temporarily? Two words, fact check. It’s just that simple. Another thing would be to let all the facts come out on a story first before you judge the story. An anonymous junior at Woodstock high school said, “It’s shocking how much bias you will see nowadays. You don’t know what to believe anymore.”

download (1).png

(media website)(From Emily hailstone)

Also, try to look at all the facts in an objective point of view. but most important of all, all of us as listeners, readers or even watchers of these bias networks, need to stand together and place shame on them, and their deconstructive ways of approaching subjects they don’t think kindly about, or even everyday articles.


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