New Ninth Graders

Staff Writer: Lola Canales
We all remember our first year of high school. It’s intimidating, way bigger than middle school, and filled with more kids than you ever imagined. But change is good. I can personally say the first year here isn’t as terrifying as everybody makes it sound. High school really is full of good memories and you get to stay for the next three years!



Woodstock High School, new home for the 8th graders!

The parent and upcoming 8th grade student meeting took place Monday, January 23rd it helps calm nervous students and parents about their first year. Their new principal, Mr. Smith and all of the counselors for the students each take a moment to speak and let kids and parents know what is expected in their entire high school career. The kids also find out which counselor they have based on last name to guide them through the next four years.
The parents and the upcoming 9th graders learn basic rules about phones, late work, leaving for lunch, and any questions they may have are answered. The staff works hard to set everyone at ease for the first year. High school comes with a lot of responsibility but also a lot more freedoms.

Yaren Akcaalan and Jadan Lowry, two current freshman that gave advice and tips.
Now, we know everybody makes high school sound crazy, scary, and extremely confusing. We see itin movies, hear it from stories and older siblings. But, trust me you have nothing to worry about, a few freshman answered some questions to hopefully relax the new kids and make their first year as easy as can be. When asked what advice current freshman would give to the future freshman, I got several different responses. Jadan Lowry, a current freshman said, “I really enjoyed my first year here, and I think they will too, it was much easier than I thought. You get a lot more freedoms yet a lot more responsibilities.” Another freshman, Yaren Akcaalan says, “Work hard, and stay focused, don’t worry about other people or drama, it’s a waste of time.”

Other freshman I had talked to said the school wasn’t as hard to navigate as it seems. Yes you may get lost on the way to a few classes, I still do, but it becomes easy eventually. Especially with shortcuts like the breezeway and tips from fellow upperclassmen.
Hopefully next years freshman take this advice, and it puts them at ease and gets them prepared for next year!

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