Real Accounts from The Women’s March on Atlanta

Staff Writer: Makayla Powell

Only one day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, women all over the country gathered in cities for the Women’s March, including Atlanta. Although there was extensive backlash against the march with women claiming that they felt the march did not do well to represent all women, other women claimed that it was empowering and for a worthy cause. Despite all these different views on the march, the only people who can really vouch for what happened were those who actually went and experienced it. Here at Woodstock, we had a couple students of our own show up to the March in Atlanta and had a lot to say about it afterwards.

Three of Woodstock’s own seniors Sydney Toner, Bella Manuel, and Meghan Murphy all attended the Women’s March in Atlanta on January 21, 2017. When asked about what they experienced at the Women’s March, they all had very similar answers with a common theme of acceptance and appreciation.

Senior Sydney Toner said, “The Women’s March was such a powerful experience and something I will never forget. I went with my mom, grandmother, and a couple friends and being there with the people I love and appreciate so much made me feel a sense of solidarity that is hard to even describe. I felt so at home in that huge crowd of people simply because we all had a common goal of equality which is something I believe women are still struggling to achieve.” img_2502Picture of Women’s March signs taken by Sydney Toner

Senior Bella Manuel was one of the friends to accompany Toner. “Going to the Women’s March not only let us bond with women all across Georgia, but all across America and the world who felt so strongly about something that  they wanted to march for it. I think regardless of ho you voted for, that is something powerful. Chanting with all those people and seeing all the amazing signs just really confirmed everything I believe in and it was so powerful to be a part of something bigger than myself and ultimately a part of history.” img_2501Picture of Women’s March taken by Bella Manuel

Senior Meghan Murphy who also went with te two other girls said this, “Looking around at the Women’s March, what stood out to me was diversity. People of all different races and genders and whatnot coming together a specific purpose gave that sense unity all around. It was such a supportive and peaceful environment, nothing but smiles. John Lewis spoke and to me it was so powerful because his speech was not condemning the other party or candidate, but rather about lifting each other up and becoming accepting of those different than us.”img_2503

Picture of Women’s March taken by Sydney Toner

No matter your political beliefs, it seems that many people who attended the Women’s March felt like it was a positive and accepting environment, unlike many media portrayals. These real experiences of women who actually went instead of news reporters sitting in a warehouse can give an actual reputable source to base your opinion off.







  1. it was inspiring to be there, joined with others who all believed in the same cause.

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