We Going Clubbin’

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez

Two weeks ago was when all underclassmen were made to pick their electives and when picking classes comes around so do the club recruitments for the next year or even the next semester. This year since I don’t have to pick any classes of my own I decided to ask people what clubs they think should be available that aren’t currently offered. The answers were as always, truly enlightening.

An anonymous source who decided to leave his name omitted from this article passionately exclaimed that he wishes “we had a Bakugan club.” His reasoning is that nowhere else but school could offer him and his entourage the safe congregation point that are ever so rare nowadays for our youth to be able to gather without malevolent outside influences to poison their innocent minds.


A Bakugan from the titular television series.


A Wolverine who defected to Cherokee felt the need to give me his input and said he “longs for a cooking club.” I found his answer to be semi-ignorant because we already have like a class that revolves entirely cooking but the traitor known as Bo apparently finds it necessary to expand upon the class of cooking and just straight up have an extracurricular club dedicated to the culinary arts. Some people just have no sense of moderation. To be fair maybe Bo didn’t want to spend an elective on the cooking class and prefers to have his cooking skills be more honed outside of the classroom as only a man of his culinary talents can.


The multiple food groups are important to a developing boy like Bo.


All in all, the club game here could stand to be upped. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone can be satisfied, ever by any decision. The school has actually done a marvelous job at creating and hosting as many clubs as necessary and as many clubs as are in demand.

Pictures courtesy of Creative Commons.

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