Down the Two Roads of Fate

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

We have all heard of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, but what do they stand for? If you were to ask your average American, odds are they could not tell you. Which is quite frightening when you realize 33% of Americans identify as Democrat and 28% as Republicans. The goal I have set today is to set apart the fact from fiction, and give the truth to the people.


(Photo of the Republican Elephant and the Democratic Donkey) (Photo from Emily Hailstone)

First off, the Republican Party, founded in 1854, in general, take a more conservative stand on issues. While also believing that the federal government should not play a major role in people’s lives. This can also be tied to the belief of laissez-faire, which is the government keeping their hands out of the economy. To top it off, they also favor lower taxes. However, let us be honest, who does not favor lower taxes? With this said, this is the general belief, meaning that some groups that identify as Republicans might not share the same beliefs. These groups categorized as the alt-right. For example, look at National Socialism, or most often referred to as Nazism. An anonymous sophomore at Woodstock High said, “I’m a Republican, my family’s Republican, who’s not Republican around here?”thI59SS9W8.jpg

(Republican Elephant) (Photo from Emily Hailstone)

Nevertheless, before you say that you might not want to be Republican because of these groups, you also need to understand that there is an alt-left at the same time. There is not a single system of beliefs out in the world today that does not have an extreme version of its existing somewhere. With these groups circling your mind, do not let them deter you from choosing a group that you favor, after all, these extremist groups are a small minority.



(Photo of a democratic donkey) (Photo from Emily Hailstone)

Next up, the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, founded 1830s, derived from the Democratic-Republicans, but later on the party collapsed. Today’s Democrats take a different stand. They tend to attract immigrants, women, and minorities. Modern day Democrats tend to take a more neo-liberal stand to issues. In addition, opposite of the Republicans, think that the government should take a more hands on approach to people’s lives. It can almost be like two waves crashing together at times during elections, or any major event that involves the two parties because of their opposing viewpoints.

With all this information, it is important to note that there are more parties out there other than these two, but they have such a small following that they are not as significant in major elections. With this being said, it is not to say that they are not important. In fact, they spark diversity in the groups, and create more opportunities for people to choose. A senior at WHS, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I think the minority parties are what make us diverse.”

So what should you choose? It is up to you. Do you think the government should not interfere heavily with the people? Then you would choose Republican. Do you think the government should be more hands on? Then Democrats are your go-to party. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you.



  1. it has always confused me when people say republicans want less government in our lives. No, they want less government in business and more control in personal lives (republicans tend to be anti-marriage equality and anti-abortion, along with proposing more religious stemming rules in government). Democrats tend to want more government control in business and less so in personal lives (democrats tend be major advocates for equal rights, which is why they tend to attract woman, immigrants, and other minorities).

  2. mart W. walberg says:

    Lets be honest, does it really matter?

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