Funny Guy in the Sky

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott


Kobe Overton is our school’s funniest student. He was voted by the whole senior class as “Most Humorous” and accepted the crown and was named Woodstock’s Homecoming King of 2017. We all agree that there was nobody else deserving of these awards.

We interviewed Kobe to get the inside scoop on our most spirited male.


Kobe and Ms. Woodstock, Imani Lusega, taking first picture with their with their crowns. ( taken by: Lexi Solorzano)

Taylor: How do you express you humor?

Kobe: I honestly don’t try to be funny, it just comes natural. Sometime I just say what is on my mind and people laugh, I guess they just find my life to be funny. I will say that my life is filled with unfortunate events that could be found funny to other people, so I guess that’s why I am funny.

T: Does your humor make your life better?

K: It definitely makes things so a lot smoother, especially when I am in trouble, I can usually crack a smile from just about anyone. Also, I am good at cheering up my friends and family when they are down. I try to bring out the positive things in life, and I love to make people laugh and smile

Lexi: How did you feel about winning Homecoming King and Most Humorous in the same month

K: I was honestly surprised and very happy to know that my classmates voted for me for both.


Our homecoming king focusing in anatomy. (taken by: Taylor Elliott)

We asked a couple seniors about what they think about Kobe…

Lexi: Do you think Kobe is the most humorous guy at our school?

Makayla Powell(senior): Yes, Kobe and I are the dream team when it comes to being funny and telling jokes. He’s the type you’d want to introduce to your second cousin on Thanksgiving dinner for some home made turkey.

Taylor: How has Kobe filled the hallway with joy and laughter?

Callie Parks: He makes school more fun, seeing him socialize and make everyday more fun just by being so optimistic and funny.

Kobe really impacts our school. He befriends everyone even the lunch ladies. The way his positive energy impacts our classrooms and hallways makes the day better. He deserves to be the homecoming king. He keeps up with his grades, helps others at all costs, supports our school. We hope to see the smart, selfless, comical man do big things when he leaves the woodshed.  Look for him on Comedy Central.

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