Mac Demarco: Could He Be the One to Change Modern Music Forever?

Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Vernor Winfield McBraire Smith IV, also known by his stage name “Mac Demarco” is a singer songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Born April 30, 1990, the young artist made his fame starting out in a few small bands back in high school such as: Make out Videotape, Dirty Beaches, Walter TV, The Meat Cleavers and has been active in the music industry since 2008. His big break, however, happened when he started going solo and decided to go by his current stage name.


Mac Demarco playing his guitar as the crowd watches in excitement.


Music style:

Mac’s music style in my opinion is unlike any other artist I have ever heard, the use of flat drums, chorus and vibrato effects on the vocals make the atmosphere of the music to be generally lazy and chill. Genres used to describe Mac Demarco’s style of music are Blue Wave, Slacker Rock, Psychedelic Rock, or the potentially very inappropriate name he uses to describe it. The use of John Lennon sounding vocals along with the deep cool meanings of every song make Demarco’s music unique and give you the feeling of sitting on a hammock in the middle of the summer by the lake. “His music always gives me a sense of relief and happiness, he is truly one of a kind!’- Jessica Reid, freshman.



Mac Demarco made first talk show appearance and second TV appearance after going on The Eric Andre Show, when he appeared on Conan in 2015, where he sang “Let Her Go”. This was Demarco’s chance at more recognition and praise for his artistic abilities and amazing songs he has written. Although not too well known by the mainstream media, he does have a large following and fan base of some of the most talented, creative, unique individuals I have ever seen. This counts a lot more than having his songs be played day after day on repeat from constant radio play, if fans want to hear his music over and over, they can put the songs on repeat. “At first I wasn’t too sure about his appearance or style, but then he really grew on me!” – Taylor Irvin, KSU freshman. 


Demarco having a good ol’ time playing his guitar and smiling to the crowd, revealing his signature gap.



Mac Demarco’s solo career lifted off in 2012 when he released his debut demo album Rock and Roll Night Club. The album consists of cool skits, beautifully written unique songs, and a nice up beat melodic tune throughout the entire album. Also in the same year, Demarco released another wonderful treasure to us with the album 2. This album is full of songs of love, his infatuation with the cigarette brand Viceroy, and ones about how he is going to live his life the way he wants no matter if you like it or not. After giving it a two-year break, he released the wildly popular masterpiece Salad Days which really got him more attention. The album is all about how the days of his youth are gone and how he should grow up and be more mature, the title “Salad Days” derives from the Shakespearian era and means “the time in one’s life when they are young and unexperienced.” Lastly, Demarco left us hanging in 2015 with the different sounding, yet still true to his style, album Another One. This one is full of tons of songs about heartbreak as well as ones about how he is so in love with his significant other Kiera. He truly left us hanging by a thread and wanting more with this last album. I know all his fans are dying to hear his new stuff. “My favorite song he ever wrote was ‘Me and Mine’, it’s a heartwarming song that makes me think of the ones I love.” – Lennox Wallace, sophomore.



If you take a glance at the artist, one thing that is very plain to see is how happy and silly he looks. I’m also sure you’ve noticed the large lively gap in between his teeth, so large that he can hold his Viceroys in…convenient! Demarco is one dude that can really pull of the homeless fisherman aesthetic perfectly without looking like a complete fool.  In other news, if you’re a huge fan of his like yours truly, then I know you’d be excited to hear that he is planning a huge north American tour this year! Get tickets as fast as you can because with talent such as his, they will be sold out soon! Mac Demarco is an artist that I think could totally change the music scene of modern day tunes forever! His eccentric style and beautifully written songs filled with upbeat sounds and deep lyrics will go down in history, as well as always put you in a great mood.

**All Pictures are from creative commons**

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