Ukraine to start WWIII?

Section Editor: Malcolm Green

Ukraine has been embroiled in a bloody and prolonged civil war since 2013, a war that has placed Ukraine in the middle of a global standoff between NATO and Russia. The separatists to the East in Ukraine remain loyal to Russia and are mainly composed of ethnic Slavs or Russians.

However, to delve into the complexity that is the Ukrainian civil war, we must dissect the nuance that is the intervention from foreign forces such as Russia since their initial intentions to annex Crimea in 2014. Of course, the topic of Ukrainian national identity ranges back to its involvement of Prussia and the founding of the sovereign nation in 1991.

Following the dissolving of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was granted its independence, but Russian nationalists who see much of Eastern Ukraine as rightful territory to Russia due to their cultural and ethnic ties, have long challenged this.


Ukrainian riots have only further incited aspirations of mistrust and division between the government and its split populace. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)


Kage Bargeron, a Woodstock High junior, labeled the resistance movements as “inconsequential, due to its far distance from us, and they seem to be simply going through an early revolution as most young nations do.”

The Ukrainian situation was only exacerbated when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared intentions to annex Crimea in 2014, a proclamation that would see to Russia’s temporary ban from the G8, a group that is comprised of the eight most industrial nations in the world. To this day, Russia is no longer a part of the G8 and a large multitude of embargos are still in place, hindering Russia’s capacity to move from its Soviet Socialist history to a modern industrial powerhouse bolstered by American Capitalism.

Since 2013, Eastern regions of Ukraine, who favorably refer to themselves as the Donetsk People’s Republic, have been fighting to leave Ukraine and it is universally implied that they will enter Russia if this secessionist movement is victorious. These separatists forces have been supplied, trained, and directed by Russian intelligence officials and military personnel.


A combat variant on the Ukraine Separatist flag. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)


So how does NATO play a role in the development of the Ukrainian Civil War?

Well, since 2008, when Ukraine applied for NATO membership, Russia has been diametrically opposed to their admission and has threatened missile attacks if their request is fulfilled. While not a current member of NATO, Ukraine still plays a major strategic role in the prevention of Russian expansion, as is the initial goal of NATO, as well as Ukraine being the only nation to aid in every NATO operation regardless of the fact that they are not a member state.

Due to the close proximity between Ukraine and Russia, if a third world war were to break out between Russia and any NATO member state, the response and mobilization time could be significantly reduced and put further pressure on Russia to spread out forces on a multiple front war.

Despite tensions between Russia and Turkey being less hostile than they were six months ago, war could be initiated by Turkey over disputes over the Black Sea or Middle Eastern Affairs, a sphere of influence which Russia has an increasing concern over. With Turkey being a NATO member, thousands could die due to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s (President of Turkey) personal inclination towards sedition.


Putin’s intentions have sparked international confrontations that could possibly lead to war. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons) 


Do not forget that with all this talk of foreign overseas escalation of war that America is in NATO and is obligated to abide by the duties to our NATO allies in the time of war. However, incumbent President Donald Trump has stated reservations about NATO and is expressing desires to possibly leave NATO. America’s involvement in NATO is largely seen as the prevailing reason for Russia not committing large military intrusion into Ukraine or NATO lands.

A Woodstock High sophomore, who wished to only be referred to by his initials CR, hailed “America’s capability to contain Russia,” and wished for “America to uphold its responsibility in NATO.”

A reasonable assessment, if America was to leave NATO, what precedent would that set for the future? America has been revered as the world’s foremost military power and is quite possibly the only solution to Russian Imperialism.


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