Valentine Feelings


Staff Writer: Haley Roe-Deters

So, not many people know the real meaning behind Valentine’s Day. This holiday used to be a day celebrated by the Pagans (a religion that was mainly in Europe). However, in 313 A.D., Roman Emperor Constantine the Great legalized Christianity and ended Rome’s persecution of Christians.

Once the Pagans accepted Christianity they kept one holiday celebrated February 14. It was called Lupercalia, the Christians “Christianized” this holiday to celebrate St. Valentine. St. Valentine was caught and imprisoned for marrying a Christian couple before Rome became a Christian country.

The meaning behind Valentine’s Day is actually really sweet; however, a lot of people don’t feel the same way. Many people do not like the holiday because it reminds them that they are single.  There are many reasons why people hate this holiday. Freshman Hannah Graves says, “It makes me feel sad, alone and like a disappointment.”



Picture Courtesy of Cole Haselhorst:

This is just your typical gift for Valentines day.


It was a great idea to start a holiday about love but, a lot of kids and teenagers still don’t know what love really is. Freshman, Kaitlyn DelValle asks “Why do we only show this much love on one day? Why can’t women and men be mature enough to show love year round?”

Why do we keep our feelings hidden? Well, I think it’s because people will judge you if you actually act like yourself. I also think people will judge if you don’t have a boyfriend/ girlfriend, especially on Valentines day.


Picture courtesy of creative commons.

A simple gift that shows love

Everyone tries to outdo other people because they think it’s “cool” to buy people expensive stuff. “In reality though all I’d want is like a small meaningful gift to show love,” says freshman Jadan Lowry. A lot of couples do too much. They buy too much and it doesn’t mean anything because the teddy bears are going to end up in the back of a closet or as a dog’s chew toy.

People are always saying, “I love you” after only dating for like two days. It takes a lot longer for feelings to grow. Adults understand high school “love” and they try to give students advice, but no one listens because they are too caught up in their feelings. “It’s no wonder people get their hearts broken all the time, they say things or do things they don’t mean but it is too late to take them back. Or sometimes they get attached to someone too fast and it turns around and effects them more than anything else,” says senior Peyton Joiner.

Despite how much you love someone or they love you or you’re just pretending, Valentine’s Day should be about people you actually care about, not someone you lie too to make them feel good.




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