Did You Say “Before” or “B4”

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh

In order to raise money, Woodstock High School’s band held a bingo night on February 3rd, 2017. It was held in the WHS cafeteria at 7:15 pm. The entry to the event was free, but tickets to play bingo were five dollars each. There were so many rounds, that it lasted until 10:00 pm!

Each round included a prize. There were big gift baskets as prizes and even a flat screen TV! Being able to pay just five dollars for a television must have been very lucky. About 30-40 people attended Woodstock High School’s Bingo Night.

Although I was unable to attend the event, I heard a lot of positive feedback from those who went to the Bingo Night. Many thought it was a fun night to be able to relax and compete with friends. Those who won prizes were very excited to share about their victory.

The people who attended were mostly band parents, and the only students who were there were either from band or color guard. A freshman, Carly Stark, stated that it would be “more fun if they had advertised it more. None of the students knew when and where the event was held because it was only on screens and the school website. It would have been more known if it was maybe on WTV7 or on the announcements.”  Some said that “it would have been more appealing if the prizes were more focused on teens”.

All of the sections made their own prizes for the night. Drumline had a music themed gift basket, trumpets had a car themed one, flutes were Valentine’s Day themed, pits had a gift card basket that was worth over $500, and color guard had a smart flat screen television! Foxtail Bookshops gave free books as door prizes along with other gifts. A rocking chair was also donated by the Woodstock Furniture Outlet. Individual band sections paid for their own gift baskets.

Although it was a bingo night, there were other events such as a chili cook-off. The chili cooked there was told to be “very delicious and satisfying”. There were also hot dogs there to munch on as the numbers were called and prizes were won. The food was funded by the band and their instructor.

Even though mostly adults attended the event, many of the teens there had fun with each other. Band and color guard kids were able to bond and laugh throughout the night. It was told to be way different than expected. “So many people think of bingo as a boring activity for older groups, but with the right people and planning it can actually be very fun!” – Laney Broussard.


Welcome to Bingo

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons


Bingo Night Cards

Photo Courtesy of: Ella Elbeck

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